20 Great Reddit Alternatives You Should Know

Reddit is the most popular social bookmarking site celebrating 10-year anniversary of existence nowadays. Reddit has accumulated over 16 billion up-votes, over 1 billion comments and over 190 million posts, which are – compared to other Reddit alternatives – enormous numbers.

Despite the fact that Reddit is a website with a massive number of users and posts, below is a list of international Reddit alternatives that have great potential, and are definitely worth a try!


Hubski is a community sharing thoughtful information and conversation. Website looks at first glance very simple, but do not be discouraged!

To make your contribution more visible, simply use popular hashtags located on the main page below “We share good ideas..”

Registration is required, but it takes less than one minute.

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I bet you never heard of Voat.co. And you are not alone. Voat™ officially launched in April 2014 as a media aggregator website featuring user-posted content. This is essentially a new project, but worth a try.

Registration is required, but again it takes less than one minute. reddit alternative


3tags lets you post, discover and connect to things or people you love, and works on the same principle as Reddit. 3tags is not that popular, but definitely worth a try!

Registration takes less then 2 minutes. Simply click on SIGN IN -> SIGN UP in the upper right corner. reddit alternative


Qetzl is a user driven news sharing community where you can vote on and discuss current events, create your own content or share images.

Simply register and submit your news link or images. Qetzl is not well-known, but it certainly has the potential to become a great competitor to Reddit. Just try it yourself!

reddit alternative


PushdUp is a user curated news site that has a focus on quality content.

You’ll notice that you can not down vote content on PushdUp. This allows higher quality content to rise to the top without fear of “bury brigading”, where a large group of users will downvote 1 post to move it below the content that they themselves have submitted.

PushdUp is not well-known Reddit alternative, but definitely deserves your attention.

reddit alternative

Another Reddit alternatives in different languages:

Pusha – Swedish Reddit alternative

Meneame – Spanish Reddit alternative

Wykop – Polish Reddit alternative

OKNOtizie – Italian Reddit alternative

Linkuj – Czech Reddit alternative

FLnews – Russian Reddit Alternative

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