Feng Shui: Money Corner in Living Room

feng shui money corner

Slice of wood with three coins.

According to the principles of the ancient teachings of feng shui, the money (wealth) corner is located in the back Southeast area of your house, store or office, and is associated with the element of wood and water.

Wood symbolizes money and wealth, while water symbolizes the flow (in this case the flow of money) and the supply of the new.

If this area of your house isn’t in order, you may experience problems with money. The most common include excessive spending, debts, and inability to save or set money aside.

Although you are trying hard, the first step is to keep this corner of your house clean and airy. Take care of it as if there was a diamond or a treasure; clean up this corner at least once a week, wipe the dust and remove any dirt or useless things like papers, old books, useless cables or wilted flowers.

Recommended objects

Given that wealth corner is associated with the element of water and wood, which is typical for its abundance and diversity, it is appropriate to place to this area plants, flowers, small tree, wooden statue, fountain or anything else that symbolizes wood and water. Great idea might be a wooden bowl, into which we put three coins or a simple slice of wood (see picture above).

Another great object is a bamboo chimes or an image of a creek in the woods. Blue and green are the main colors of the wealth corner, too.


  1. Find out where is your southeast (wealth) corner located
  2. Clean up this corner and remove any dirt or dust
  3. Place there objects with an element of wood and water
  4. Do not forget to take care of this area of your home

Note that large companies tend to have flowers in the southeast corner (wood = symbol of wealth) and large aquariums (water = symbol of flow).

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