Get Rid of Acne with Positive Affirmations

Acne is a skin problem that affects most of us – children, adults, women and men of any age.

It can be caused by hormonal changes related to pregnancy, stress, depressions, squeezing blemishes or drastic diet that can lead to anorexia. Complete cure acne is obviously possible, and the sooner you begin, the better results you will achieve.

Photo by nikiipe (pixabay)

positive affirmatons for acne

Positive words and affirmations have the ability to heal and change our lives for the better. Believe in yourself and don’t give anyone the power to make you feel inferior or “less than”. You have tremendous power to change your life and cure acne!

In addition, do not forget to drink plenty of fluids. Water is a true miracle of nature and purify our body and skin.


  • I am healing my acne
  • I feel great with clean skin
  • My skin is clear and healthy
  • I have a beautiful and clear skin without acne
  • I always take proper care of my skin
  • I care for my skin every day
  • I have a soft and clear skin like a baby’s butt
  • Others admire my beautiful and clear skin
  • I have clear nose without blackheads
  • I have clear forehead without blackheads
  • I feel fresh today
  • I am grateful for my healthy and clear skin
  • I love my soft and clear skin without acne
  • Drinking plenty of water helps me fight against acne

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