How To Attract A Pisces Woman

Pisces are the twelfth zodiac sign rulled by the planet Neptune, including the characteristics of the previous eleven zodiac signs. Sensitive and intuitive women with magnetic beauty and great mental strength, Pisces women can be a great friend and lover at once.

Pisces women are very sensitive, open-minded and dreamy. At first glance they may seem like innocent or cold, but their mind is full of secrets and hidden fantasies. Daydreaming is a world where they spend most of their time.

So how to attract a Pisces woman?

How To Seduce A Pisces Woman

Seducing a Pisces woman is not as complicated as seducing women of other signs, however, it does not necessarily mean she will jump into bed with someone whom she has just met.

Pisces women are very delicate and romantic zodiac sign, and everything takes a bit longer than, for example, with Aries or Sagitarius women. As a fish, this woman first has to explore the shoreline before the depth of the ocean floor. Love may be pretty challenging for Pisces woman, for she’s a great romantic who can make unrealistic choices.

Pisces women are attracted to someone self-conscious, independent, strong, decisive and sure of himself or herself – someone who can provide firm direction and support, and they will surely appreciate a good conversation on some deep topic, be it astrology, power of human mind, ocultism or other deep and mystical topic.

Ask her if she has any spiritual experience or what’s her life philosophy. She will appreciate your question and she will open up to you more quickly, too.

If you are going on a date with your Piscean, choose some nice place with flowers or fountain, or a beachfront restaurant by the sea. Be polite, mindful and original, but also slightly mysterious. Let her be curious about you. You are a tower that has to be conquered, not she.

Do not overdo it with artificial compliments as it may have the opposite effect, and try to maintain eye contact. If she does the same, it’s a clear sign she likes you too.

Pisceans are not a type of woman who expects the man to open the door, move a chair, or take off her coat. They usually leave everything up to you, so if you’re planning a date, all the details are in your hands.

These women are more givers than receivers, not only in bed, so if she offers or gives you something, be it a compliment, advice, souvenir or cookies she baked for you (Pisces women are really good at cooking), accept it.

Erogenic zones

The governing body parts of a Pisces woman body are her lower legs and feet. These parts of their body are very sensitive and definitely deserve your attention. Complimenting her shoes, a tattoo on her leg, or wearing a nice pair of shoes would be another great trick on how to turn her on.

As already mentioned, Pisces woman may seem cold or too reserved, but once she gets you know more, she will open up and you’ll see how funny, open-minded and loving woman is hidden under these pale scales.

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