Life Path Number 8 – Personality, Love, Career

Note the shape of the number 8, which, if turned on its side, is the symbol for infinity. It is the merging of both the spiritual and the material worlds. The number 8 represents material wealth and authority.

life path number 8 numerology

Visionary. Leader. Authority. Wealth.

Although it stands for power it is not masculine or aggressive power, but rather feminine power which is more tame and patient. If you were born with a Life Path number 8 you may either be very selfish, or you may be bold, selfless, and a fantastic leader and encourager.

The number 8, “The Master,” “The Powerhouse,” is associated with strength. You are a natural-born leader and do well in a position of authority. Those with a Life Path number 8 are also good at organizing and tend to be ambitious. You are likely a visionary and very good at inspiring others.

You have some trouble taking advice from others and are more-self motivated than anything. Although you may have to learn things the difficult way sometimes, you are a hard worker and you have the follow-through to accomplish the goals you set out for. You are goal-oriented and feel a great desire to accomplish big and important things during your lifetime.

Those with Life Path number 8 should not try to crush or avoid their passions and desires. Instead it is important for you to figure out how to master them and use them for your own purposes. One thing you can do very well is turn negative energies and passions into positive ones.

Although you will likely butt heads with others due to your bluntness and uniqueness of vision, you feel very deeply and you can judge the character of others very well. You are also good at influencing and engaging those around you. This is another one of your strengths which can help you to move forward with success and become a great leader.

Individuals with a Life Path number 8 will attract financial success as well as failure. You have very good chances of material success and achieving great financial rewards in this lifetime. You also have all of the inward tools you need in order to leave a legacy which people will remember you for.

Those with a Life Path number 8 will also likely encounter major setbacks on their road to prosperity. This is a natural part of who you are as well as aiming high. Financial setbacks and bankruptcy might take place during your lifetime, but you are also a survivor and you have great capabilities. You are resilient and if anyone can overcome these difficulties it is you.

On the downside you might be prone to being materialistic, a workaholic, egotistic, and excessively stubborn. People with a Life Path number 8 are sometimes blinded by their own vision and do not let others get close to them. On the bright side you tend to be protective of those you love, possess great inner strength, and fantastic determination and power.

It is important for those with a Life Path number 8 to learn patience and humility, but also to embrace their true identity and ambitions.

Famous people with life path number 8:

Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Hilary Duff, Lauryn Hill, 50 cent, Pablo Picasso or Anthony Hopkins.