10 Golden Rules For Living A Good Life Now

Too many people all over the world, the idea of a happy life is a myth which only graces our television screens in movies. Much of the skepticism of the possibility of living a happy life stems from multiple factors, some of which individuals can control without realizing it.

Studying human behavioral patterns, one would find that a life filled with happiness is attainable. You can live a life filled with happiness each day, just as the characters of your favorite movies do. Achieving happily ever after is very much a reality.

Here are 10 Golden rules for living a good life now.

1. Don’t Pounder Over Situations Beyond Your Control

This is often the bane for many. They spend their time reviewing instances from the past, future, or present, which they have no power to influence. Rather than worrying your head sick about such situations accept the fact that you can’t change the outcome. Once you do this, you find you become more productive in various aspects of your life. Also, you achieve peace and tranquility, while also having a sound mind for thinking up solutions to occurrences which you can control.

Often, you find many lose sleep on thoughts about how things are looking bleak at the initial stages of an endeavor. Understand that a poor beginning doesn’t mean an unpleasant finality. Don’t judge circumstances based on their surface value, but wait till the events have all played out and gotten to the point that you can influence them.

A typical example is someone who is job hunting. After piecing together an outstanding resume on their own or getting help from ziprecruiter, he or she doesn’t need to lose sleep over the outcome of the recruiting exercise.

2. Have A Positive Outlook Of Life

We find that many fall prey to the crushing feeling that life is out to get them. Their solution to this is to take life seriously. They try to take control of everything in their lives and always anticipate the worst in every scenario. There is a reason why some of the happiest individuals in the world are young children. Kids have no such notion about life and live in the present.

Take a page from a toddler’s book and live in the present. Trust that the future will turn out fine and squash every feeling of anxiety that pops up along the line. Doing this means you don’t miss out on the beauty of life for a second.

3. Help Others Achieve Happiness

Happiness is just as infectious as a yawn. Helping others find it in moments where situations appear to be bleak can also help you find happiness. The question then is, how do you help others find happiness? The answer to this is simple, you can achieve this by making a habit of being compassionate and kind.

Kindness deals with the treatment of others with respect and humility. Religions all over the world speak of a life filled with happiness, and it is unsurprising to find that kindness is often the cornerstone of their teachings.

The act of exhibiting an understanding of an individual’s feelings who is experiencing an unpleasant situation describes compassion. Empathize with others when they need it and get in on the infectious effects of happiness. Show kindness where you can and watch your life receive the happiness boost you deserve.

4. Build Lasting Bonds

Ever since man has appeared on the surface of the earth over, one thing remains to date – the need to socialize. Strong bonds of friendship help man to meet this need, whereas lack of it results in unhappiness and depression.

Man always yearns to associate and have an affiliation with others, building strong relationships helps you appreciate the world while also imparting you with a sense of fulfillment. A life filled with success or high financial power cannot substitute the role of these bonds in achieving true happiness.

5. Don’t Let Your Finances Or Social Status Define You

Financial success or lack thereof should be what you are all about. Stable finance is an element necessary for living a life filled with happiness but doesn’t constitute happiness on its own.

It’s easy to get carried away due to one having attained a high level of prosperity, but finding true happiness in prosperity is how you manage it as opposed to its quantity.

6. Learn To Appreciate Others

Many falter in this regard, as they fail to grasp the concept of appreciating others and the role it plays in attaining a fulfilled life. We find that many believe that people don’t need to hear about our feelings of appreciation, especially men, but studies have proven this to be false. Appreciating others doesn’t end at making verbal complements but also extends to kind gestures as well as giving a listening ear to their ideas, suggestions, and opinions.

Keeping an open mind helps you learn to appreciate the views of others. We learn from these views and consequently grow in spirituality, psychology, and emotions.

7. Come To Terms With Your Emotions

Never allow your emotions to get the best of you or cloud your judgment in any way. Avoid outbursts or making decisions when livid. Bottling up your emotions is a habit you have to drop to peace and tranquility in your life. Come to terms with anger as well as with their fear.

An experience might often leave you with a sting. And though many believe that it is impossible to let go of such experiences since they leave you with scars, in reality, one would find this to be false. Coming to terms with painful experiences might appear difficult to achieve at the surface but never impossible.

Accept the fact that these events have occurred and let them go. Don’t let them define who you are but rather learn from them and become stronger. One of the major setbacks that come with bottled up emotions is their ability to keep you from experiencing the present. Therefore learn to come to terms with your emotions as well as control them.

8. Hold Yourself Accountable

An aspect of life, anyone who wants to achieve true happiness must come to terms with is holding themselves accountable. Achieve true honesty with yourself and others. Avoid the easy road blame-shifting offers you, rather identify and accept your role in mishaps.

If you were to take a closer look at unpleasant experiences and events in your life, what you find out is that very few occurred as a result of fate. Making a habit of shifting blame onto others or rejection of responsibility harms the very essence of life.

9. Don’t Harbor The Intent Of Causing Harm To Others

Many people harbor Ill-will towards others and go as far as actively searching for means to cause harm or hurt them. Regardless of the transgressions of others, towing the path of evil isn’t the right thing to do. Feelings of revenge deceive people into believing that once they get even everything will be okay. Alas, committing evil hurts the perpetrator, as it leaves an adverse imprint on their psychology, spirituality, and emotions.

10. Practice Self-love Never Self-loathing

Often, the crushing feeling of sadness can be traced to the absence of self-love. Many individuals all over the world are guilty of this, as they dwell on their shortcomings rather than their strengths. Self-loathing can never bring you happiness, rather accept that you are special. No one else has the same qualities and features you have, and they are over 7 billion people in the world.

Learn to appreciate who you are and never loathe any of your features. Live life by this rule and find it to be beautiful. Life can be as great as you want it. Imbibe the above rules into your life as an individual and grow spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Get on with living the good life now.