The 12 Most Creative 404 Error Pages!


404 page

Funny yet effective design. A unique font with unique vector graphics.

404 page design

What a great idea! This 404 error page deserves its attention!

404 page of Facebook

How creative! Facebook is a great point to incorporate on your site!

404 page of weekdone

Absolutely amazing design. My favorite No.1!

404 page of Klout

Very impressive 404 page. Don’t you think?

404 page of Grain & Mortar

Two colors can create the perfect design. The combination of orange and gray is amazing!

404 page of Studio Dim

This design is a beautiful example of “less is enough”.

404 page of Testigo

Text and photo says it all. Testigo and its awesome 404 error page design!

404 page of Netiko

Created by the human hand. Design, which is unprecedented.

404 page of Tap-Tap design

Very interesting design – I like the subtle and elegant background and a creative resolution of the text.

404 page of ACM Interiors

Simple, clean and sleek. Very impressive design.

404 page of Pulpfingers

Uniquely creative design. Be inspired!