21 Days of Gratitude

Everyone of us has experienced negativity on our journey through life and encounter difficulties and challenges – be it financial difficulty, lack of self-confidence, health or relationship problems. And the thoughts of most of us are literally soaked with this and that problem.

Great leaders that started just like everyone else say that the key to success is not to focus on the problem itself, but on its solution. Let’s understand this that our goal is not about to hide behind the mask of fake positivity and act in front of others as everything is in the best order, but better to look for the bright side of the situation, and to realize that everything bad and negative is good for something.

We can all agree that stars can’t shine without darkness, there will be no music without silence and we would not enjoy the warmth of the summer if we had no cloudy skies and chill winters.

If we realize all this, we are just a step away from a great and effective tool that can help us in many aspects of life and is available to each of us. The tool is Gratitude. Gratitude with the large G as it’s a Gift from God. Gratitude does not know time or space. It has no boundaries and limits.

You can start by showing gratitude for the money you have, even though it is not too much. Be grateful for your body, even though it is not in a perfect shape. Think of the person you recently met, even though you were together only a short moment. Tell yourself that you are grateful for the trees and the air we breathe, and for the rain that helps the flowers and plants to grow. Look at yourself in the mirror and say how beautiful and attractive you are, even though you do not feel that way.

And why all this? Because the more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for (Zig Zaglar). In other words, if you are grateful for what you already have, you will attract more reasons to be grateful.

Take 10 minutes of your time every single day, sit down with pencil and paper and write down everything you are grateful for. Remain this way for 21 days and see how it changes your attitude towards your everyday life.

You do not have to be grateful every day for something else. Write down all that you feel at the moment. Absolutely everything. These are your private notes. No one will read them (except you).

Henry Ward Beecher beautifully said that Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul, and he certainly knew why.

You can take, of course, an example of my day so you will have an idea of how to write your gratitude diary.

Today I am so grateful for:

  • That I got up early in the morning and stayed productive all day long
  • That I learned how to make delicious and healthy banana pancakes
  • That I worked-out 45 minutes and see a huge progress on my arms I focus on
  • That I have made my mom happy with a gift for her nameday today
  • That I made order in my papers and documents
  • That I am always safe when traveling
  • That the shirt I ordered perfectly fits
  • That I received a great deal of cooperation
  • That I am free and nobody restricts me
  • That I learned new Spanish words
  • That I have reached 5000+ fans on my Spanish facebook page
  • That I have a healthy family and friends
  • That I have the opportunity to enjoy that wonderful scent and taste of coffee
  • That I have a positive outlook and a strong desire to build a successful future
  • That our new kitten is finally making a firm poops 🙂
  • That I have the opportunity to dream whenever I want
  • That I live in a country that has a fairly stable economy and a good quality of life
  • That I cut the grass around the house so it looks more beautiful
  • That I have the opportunity to write this article and inspire others

And what are YOU grateful for today?

Count your blessings, even the smallest ones.

Love + Light,