3 of the Best Slots Themed in Feng Shui

Although slots themed in Chinese subculture are plenty, not many are themed after the ancient art of geomancy. For those not familiar with feng shui, it is an ancient form of divination which originated in China over 6,000 years ago. Feng shui focuses on adding, removing, designing, and redesigning aspects of one’s surroundings in such a way that their own life energy is in the best possible alignment with the cosmic energy (QI). Given that a major focus behind the art of feng shui is on improving one’s finances, it’s only fitting that the following slots are themed on the artform.

Feng Shui Kitties by Booming Games

Before we get into the details, check out this slot game’s basics first:

  • 3×3 unique video slot with 10 paylines
  • Coin value: £0.10 – £20
  • RTP rate: 95.88%
  • Bonuses: Free spins, wilds, scatters, bonus multipliers
  • Volatility/variance: Low
  • Highest possible multiplier: 7,040x your total stake

Feng Shui Kitties is not the most serious slot game out there, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Instead of going with the done and dusted ancient China theme, Booming Games has kept their 2018 slot light-hearted in its theme. The interface is simple and clean, which was a refreshing change since we are so used to seeing slot games with icons, symbols, and numbers everywhere.

Feng Shui Kitties keeps things as simple as possible, providing greater accessibility to new players. For example, their Wild, Scatter and Free Spins symbols are just those same words in caps! Not that there isn’t a bagua mirror hiding behind the “FREE SPINS” text, but it’s perfectly alright even if you don’t recognise every feng shui symbol. Cute and cartoony as the Feng Shui Kitties are, the slot does not joke around when it comes to massive wins. The potential to win 7040x your total stake is the highest multiplier that we have on this list!

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Lucky Feng Shui by Spadegaming

Before we get into the details, check out the slot basics first:

  • 5×3 regular video slot with 15 paylines
  • Coin value: £0.02 – £150
  • Total coin value from all 15 paylines: 0.30 – 450 coins in total
  • RTP rate: 97%
  • Bonuses: Free spins, wilds, scatters, bonus multipliers
  • Volatility/variance: Medium
  • Highest possible multiplier: 10x your total stake or £675,000

Released a while back in 2016, Spadegaming’s Lucky Feng Shui Slot might very well be counted as one of the best Feng Shui themed slot games ever. Now, the reasoning behind this conclusion is not just based on the fact that you can potentially win £675,000, but also the medium variance and 97% RTP rate. Usually, slots with a big jackpot are marked as highly volatile, which means people don’t really win often, but those that do, win big.

The purple and gold colour scheme looks visually soothing, and each elemental icon is well designed, as should be expected from the developer. If you are not familiar with Chinese symbols, don’t let it confuse you. It’s true that instead of the usual 10 – Ace low symbols that we are used to seeing, Lucky Feng Shui has beautifully decorated Mandarin symbols.

Nevertheless, each individual letter represents a symbol and an element with appropriate colour-coding (blue water, yellow fire, etc.) and they are clearly distinct from each other, in addition to being colour-coded (each symbol has a different colour assigned to it). The high Fengshui symbols such as the sceptre can be easily recognised, while scatters and wilds literally have the same written under the symbols in English for clarity.

Feng Shui Master by Aspect Gaming

Check out all the available basic details on the Feng Shui Master Slot first:

  • 5×4 regular video slot with 50 paylines
  • Coin value: £0.5 – £60
  • Minimum – maximum bets per line: 0.01 – 1.2 coins per line
  • RTP rate: 94.13%
  • Bonuses: Free spins, wilds, scatters, bonus multipliers
  • Volatility/variance: High

The last title on our list was developed by Aspect Gaming and it was released two years back in 2020. While this Chinese Feng Shui themed slot game is not exactly a graphical masterpiece, the music and sound effects are quite relaxing. In slot games, the colour scheme is especially important because of two reasons. First and foremost, players should be able to see everything onscreen in perfect clarity. Secondly, popping colours in a soft/sharp contrast provide a visual delight to enjoy after the reels start rolling.

We found a predominance of red both behind and on the reels, along with a secondary focus on golden yellow and lime green. Feng Shui Master could have used more work on the animations, but the witfully designed icons were certainly entertaining to look at. For example, the blue J is accompanied by a tiny yin-yang, while the K sports an ornate gold knocker on it.

There are high-value symbols in Feng Shui Master to help players land the big wins too. This includes ancient Chinese symbols associated with feng shui such as the golden cicada (cricket), the green, three-legged toad of wealth, two lucky coins of the emperors, etc. Unfortunately, players in the UK may find it difficult to play Feng Shui Master because it did not take off particularly well here and the casinos that have the game are far and few in between!