3 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Thermi Procedure in New Orleans

With the technology we have now, people have been discovering different ways to help us lessen the wrinkles on our faces and reduce the lines, making us feel and look much younger. You would be able to tighten and rejuvenate skin and tissue non-surgically with thermi cosmetics in New Orleans as it uses radiofrequency to help make us look younger. Here are 3 things you must know before getting a Thermi procedure.

What is a Thermi cosmetic treatment?

Using a very versatile radio frequency technology, Thermi is developed to heal the skin and give you some sort of light body contouring at any part of your body, helping in reducing the appearance of some of the wrinkles on your face and tightening the skin on your body. 

3 Things You Must Know Before Getting this Procedure

1. The procedure is permanent and irreversible

Knowing that this procedure is a one-time thing and you would not have to come back is heaven, but when you are thinking about getting the treatment, you have to think about what is happening, and what would happen after the whole procedure.

You have to factor in the reality of the whole procedure and whether the whole procedure is working like you have anticipated or not, but there are some corrective surgeries that you could get when things don’t go your way, but there would be permanent damage on the part you are getting the procedure on since this is not a reversible procedure.

You need to talk to your healthcare provider since they are the ones going to be telling you if you are going to need to get additional procedures while going through with the Thermi procedure like liposuction and fillers. 

2. There is a possibility that you could develop “Crepey” skin, magnifying wrinkles

There had been a few people who would complain that their skin would feel more wrinkled and their skin would be worse than before after getting the procedure instead of making their skin tighter and smoother. 

This could be a big issue when you are looking for a way for your skin to be tighter and smoother, and with this procedure, this could make you look a bit older instead of making you look younger than what you actually are. 

This is the most common complaint, but this could not be the case for everyone, but you have to be aware of that.

3. There is a chance that you could be burned, experience nerve damage, and go through high levels of pain

One of the other complaints that you have to know before you get the the Thermi procedure is that the device that they use for the treatment could burn patients, and most of the time, it happens without the physician knowing that it is actually happening and they would only discover it happening after the whole procedure is over since they did not notice the device spiking in temperature.

These burns could often cause blisters on the outside layer of your skin, opening up some visible wounds since there are severe burns that are found in the underlayers of the skin of the patient.

When this happens to patients, they would often say that it felt very painful and they would have the feeling of numbness and smoke nerve damage that could last for months. There are some patients who say that it hurt so much that they could not drive back home. 

How long is the ThermiTight procedure?

If you are worried about the whole procedure taking ages, you need not worry because the whole procedure would only take you about 30 minutes to an hour. This would depend on how big the place you want to be treated and how loose your skin is. 

As for the whole results of the procedure, you would notice the changes becoming more and more visible within a month, and you would be able to see the full results in 6 to 12 months. You are going to have to come back every few years for maintenance, but the whole procedure could last you up to 3 to 5 years.

Is ThermiTight permanent?

ThermiTight is a procedure that brings in permanent results, but aging is not permanent and it is a thing that will keep happening, it’s something you can’t really stop. 

When you are thinking about how long the part where you got the treatment is swollen, it would depend on where you got the ThermiTight procedure is and how loose the skin on that part is. Generally speaking, the swelling would last somewhere between 3 to 7 days after you get the procedure.