4 Easy Health Habits You Can Start Today

Getting healthier is a long road, no matter where you are in the journey and requires a commitment to set and keep better habits. Those habits do not have to be a complete change from your normal, in fact, starting small can help you find a sustainable balance and keep you from giving up. Some easy habits including redirecting cravings, drinking more water and getting in some extra steps as well as changing the way you sleep.

Redirect Cravings

Telling yourself that you are going to quit drinking soda is a good plan for healthy living, but it can be difficult to do when you start craving the caffeine, sugar and taste of your favorite cola. One way to succeed at this task is to redirect those cravings by replacing your morning soda with caffeinated tea or coffee, a fruity snack and a similar flavor of vape juice from Smokingthings.

Drink More Water

Since the human body is mostly made of water, getting enough to drink in a day can help your systems function properly. Drinking water is especially important after a workout to rehydrate your cells after sweating. You can even substitute one of your sugary drinks a day for a tall glass of water to see added benefits such as weight loss and better sleep.

Get Extra Steps

Parking a little further away from the door, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and even walking around the mall instead of shopping online can all add up to moving and breathing better on a regular basis. Investing in a step counter can help keep you motivated to see the numbers climb as you walk up and down the stairs doing laundry, as you mow the lawn or even as you walk back and forth to the office printer.

Set a Sleeping Routine

Having a bedtime routine can help your body relax and prepare for sleep. You can start out slowly by putting down electronics for the hour before bed and picking up a book, journal or meditation routine. The type of light emitted by electronics reduces the feelings of tiredness and the engaging nature of social media, video games and television shows can do the same.

Getting healthy does not mean completely changing your entire life overnight and trying to do it that way can leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated. It is easier and healthier in the long run to change a couple of small things which can build up to big healthy habits such as switching out soda for water or gradually increasing your daily step count goals.