5 Couples Therapy Exercises for a Healthy and Positive Relationship

Whether your relationship is completely toxic or you’re losing touch, everyone wants a positive romance. Try these 5 couples therapy exercises.

Everyone knows that divorce rates are at an all-time high. It’s true that between 40% and 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Let’s face it: relationships are hard. But is there a way to avoid becoming another divorce statistic?

Some couples are reticent to try relationship therapy. But now that most marriage counseling is based around Emotionally-Focused Therapy, its success rate is around 75%. So, it’s definitely worth a shot. 

Even the healthiest, happiest couples can benefit from couples therapy exercises to improve their intimacy levels and strengthen their bond. Keep reading for 5 effective relationship exercises. 

1. The Holy Grail of Couples Therapy Exercises: Don’t Go to Bed Angry

This is the number one piece of advice offered by marriage counselors. Letting the day end without resolving nagging issues will only backfire in the long run.

Humans, whether we like it or not, are highly emotional beings. Our tendency to hold onto grudges and grow more bitter over time is a huge reason so many relationships fail. 

The more time you have to overthink and replay an argument in your head, the angrier you will become. So, if at all possible, try to resolve any conflict before you go to bed. It will open doors for intimacy, and you’ll both get a better night’s sleep. 

2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Date Night

Another reason so many relationships fail is that they don’t get the nurturing they need. Think of your relationship as a house plant. Your plants need water and sunlight to survive, right? 

You wouldn’t let a week go by without watering your plants. So why should you let a week go by without spending quality time with your partner?

Don’t let a busy schedule or parental fatigue get in the way of your time together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even just a walk in the park or consciously making the time to have dinner together can work wonders.

3. Open Up with Honesty Hour

Another highly recommended practice by professional couples therapists is to set aside an hour at least once a month (preferably more often) to be completely honest with each other.

It’s the emotional version doing a trust fall. It’s important, however, that you both go into the exercise with the intention of being patient, understanding and calm.

The key is to be kind and non-judgmental. And don’t interrupt. Make mental notes and wait until the other person is finished speaking before you respond. 

4. Try New Things 

Even the happiest couples fall into a rut from time to time. Make it a point to try new things together. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Check out His Secret Obsession for some more advice on how to spice things up. 

Do something adventurous together. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Try a new cuisine. Go out dancing. Play games. Get creative! There are many ways to add some oomph to your daily routine. 

5. Disconnect to Connect

Nothing kills intimacy like staring at your phone. Make a pact to unplug from electronics for one night a week. Yes, this includes the TV. Instead, make an effort to do something that requires quality face time.

Play a board game, have a bubble bath, or give each other massages. Anything goes, as long as you’re not staring at a screen. 

The Take-Home Message

No one said relationships are easy. But they are certainly worth it. Everyone wants a positive romance. 

When you find your relationship is in need of some extra TLC, we hope these couples therapy exercises help to reignite the spark and open the door to intimacy and honest communication. 

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