5 Essential Steps to Become an App Developer with Microsoft 70-483 Exam and Practice Tests


The app development industry is growing fast and becomes more profitable. In fact, it is projected to continue growing over the next several years. With app development skills, you can choose to create apps to run your business or begin a career in this field. This post has been created to give you a step-by-step guide on how you can join this IT sector with the Microsoft 70-483 exam. Read keenly to learn this and the important details of the exam.

What Certifications Does 70-483 Test Lead to?

The ‘Programmingin C#’ exam is the first of two required tests to earn the MCSA: Web Applications and the MCSA: Universal Windows Platform credentials. For the Web Applications badge, you also have to take 70-486 exam. Remember for this credential, you can choose to take exam Read More on Exam-Labs Website Here 70-480 in spite of 70-483. 

The second one, the Universal Windows Platform certification requires that you pass 70-483 together with 70-357 exam.

5 Essential Steps to Become an App Developer with Exam 70-483 

70-483 exam is for those who wish to learn how they can use C#. It targets developers who have at least a year of practical experience programming critical enterprise logic for different types of apps, software platforms as well as hardware while using C#. Passing this exam and earning the MCSA certification will make you a qualified app developer. Now, let’s see all the required steps to this profession in detail.

1. Know what exam 70-483 is all about

To become a developer, you need the right software skills and the knowledge of the core concepts of this industry. Click here for Exam-Labs Download 70-483. 70-483 exam can help you with this as it checks your understanding of these topics. They include program flow management, types creation as well as usage, application debugging and security implementation, and data access implementation.

Apart from the topics, it’s important to know the test structure. So, the exam you will be sitting for is expected to come with 40-60 questions of varying types (best answer, multiple choice, build list, case study, etc.). You will have 120 minutes to answer all of them. Other requirements include achieving 700/1000 marks and above and paying a fee of $165.

2. Prepare for the exam

Exam 70-483 preparation should entail intensive study that will ensure you master whatever is required. Whetheryou are a beginner or have some related skills, it is important to create a plan for your studies and gather reliable materials. Pay your attention to every topic and regularly review what you’ve already learned.

If it’s difficult for you to make a plan, you can begin with the 70-483 expert-led course which runs for 5 days and gain all the needed knowledge being guided by the instructor. In case you are busy and may need a flexible training option, you can enroll in a self-paced course. What is more, Microsoft offers its official study guide, which can be a great way to complement your course.

3. Review what you are learning

Another critical step in your journey toward becoming an app developer is reviewing what you already know. Take practice tests to check if your learning is proper. Thus, you’ll know what questions may appear in the main exam, what is the best way to answer them, and what topics still require your attention. 

To help you find dependable mock tests, we recommend to visit the ExamSnap.com platform. There, you can download free vce files as well as expert-verified practice tests. At only $39.97, you will get a Premium Bundle with a premium file carrying 283 questions and answers from recent exams, a video training course with 99 lectures, and a learning guide with 740 pages. 

To use practice tests from ExamSnap.com, you need the VCE Exam Simulator. With it, you are going to have interactive practice sessions and get the correct testing environment’s picture including real question types, time limits, and an opportunity to track your progress. This will make you enjoy the whole learning process.

4. Practice your skills

Since what you will be learning should help you beyond the exam, you also need to develop practical skills for the job market. Most of them (for example, writing code) are vital in app development and you can only get great results in these areas if you have hands-on practice. 

To do this, you can use Microsoft’s free self-paced labs. Use them to learn how to develop an idea for an app and the whole development process. If you had no previous experience in using such labs, you may find it a bit challenging so it will be helpful to first find some YouTube tutorials for 70-483 exam and follow them thoroughly.

5. Take 70-483 exam

This is another critical step. The grades you get in your exam will determine if you will proceed. Make sure you are confident and attentive in answering the questions. Do not rush yourself through them. If you’ve trained with Microsoft’s labs and ExamSnap’s practice tests, sitting for exam will not bring you much struggle.

Once you are done with this step and have passed the exam, you can move to the second test and then get your MCSA: Web Applications or the MCSA: Universal Windows Platform credential that you have been working hard for. And this will mean your app developer skills have been validated!


Each of the steps matters if you wish to get Microsoft MCSA certified in the app developing area. Having your skills verified will give you the mandate to look for a job or use your skills to create apps that will make a difference in your business or that of a client.

Embrace all the steps including finding out more about 70-483 exam and preparing properly for it. Training courses, study guides, practice tests, and self-paced labs will assist you to achieve what you desire. Think about what it is you want and go for it without looking back!