5 Simple Study Motivation Strategies for College Students

College students have gained a reputation for procrastinating. But most procrastinate not because of laziness but lack of motivation. Without motivation, it becomes challenging to study or complete assignments on time. This eventually results in poor academic performance or pilling up of workload, which leads to stress and burnout.

While sometimes it doesn’t hurt to procrastinate, if the exam is a few days ahead you need to be motivated to study. To help any college student, listed below are strategies to use to get encouraged to study smart. 

Divide the Study Material

If the course material is large, you might not be motivated to study it. But if you break it into small manageable chunks, you can complete the first section and use that small success as a motivation to complete the rest of the material. Remember, not every motivation strategy is going to work for all students. However, failing to divide the study material and hoping to cram it last minute will only result in burnout. 

Besides, if you cram, the information will end up in short-term memory, making it hard to apply the knowledge in your future career. If the workload is still too much, buy essay so that you can have an expert take some tasks off your hand. But don’t just purchase an academic paper from anyone; hire an expert from 2021′s Best Essay Writing Services in the U.S. – The Top 5.

Use App Blockers

Technology has made it easier to access apps for free that students in all academic levels can use to block notifications. It’s crucial to block out any notifications or alerts that might be destruction while you are studying. The trick is to use a blocker on any device, be it a phone or laptop that you use to study. The blockers are ideal for students who end up checking their social media accounts in the middle of studying. If you have to check your socials frequently because of work or other reasons, you can use apps that block for a specific time. That way, you can study for a particular period and take the necessary step to complete the course material. 

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

We all have different abilities and study techniques. If you constantly compare yourself to other students, you will be wasting time and not focusing on your studies. Besides, if you don’t stop equating yourself as a student, it becomes a habit whereby you’ll end up comparing job titles, house sizes, income levels, and other possessions. 

This habit will steal your joy and make you end up losing friends, your dignity, and even passion. Comparison leads to self-doubt and doesn’t help you accomplish your goals of studying and succeeding in your academic journey.

The trick to not comparing yourself to others academically is to focus on your own life, what you can achieve, and things that make you happy. Another strategy try is to improve your academic performance. For example, if you don’t understand a specific topic, Pay for Essay, read it, and grasp the knowledge needed.

Use the Pomodoro Technique

This is a technique that students can apply in their studies as it teaches about time management and working with the time you have. To use this method, students must study for intervals of 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. The gaps are what are known as Pomodoro. After around three cycles, you can take longer breaks of about 20 minutes. This studying strategy will motivate a student to study as it eliminates procrastination. 

The method also instills a sense of urgency, motivating you to understand the study material within the allotted time while eliminating distractions. The breaks work to prevent monotony and burnout feeling. The Pomodoro technique is ideal if a student has a lot of work that will take so much time to finish, like studying for a test or exam or if little distraction tends to real your studies. 

Take a Short Walk

Walking is a simple to-do exercise that induces relaxation, allowing you to recharge. It also enhances alertness which can lead to better reasoning and higher academic performance. Walking is also a way to exercise and boost your overall well-being. 

You can opt to walk when you take a break from studying or as part of your daily workout routine. To motivate yourself, register for a walking event, a marathon or have a walking buddy who will keep you accountable. Walking with friends creates room for a conversation that keeps you moving. Plus, even when the weather is bad, or you don’t feel like walking, you can’t make excuses and skip the routine.


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