5 Things You Need to Check Before Getting Your First Paid Psychic Reading Online

Do you feel a little lost, stuck, or overwhelmed by certain issues, challenges, or life situations? Do you wish to get answers, advice, or guidance to your burning questions? 
Do you want to gain more clarity and insight regarding your love life, career, finances, family relationships, or any other matter of concern related to your past, present, and future? 

Having a consultation with a truly gifted psychic can be a powerful, fascinating and mind-boggling experience for any individual. Even the toughest of skeptics and non-believers often find themselves being surprised by what an accurate reading by a professional can do for them, and end up enjoying their session and wanting even more.

Many large psychic networks operate online and some of the popular players in this market include companies like Keen, AskNow, PsychicSource, LifeReader, California Psychics, Kasamba, Oranum, Hollywood Psychics, and others.  
Novice users are often overwhelmed by the high number of websites that comprise this vibrant and thriving industry. Therefore, as there’s so much competition, deciding which service to use can be a little bit confusing. 
Each of the major services offers a large database of psychics who possess different abilities and areas of expertise. But how can you possibly tell which companies are legitimate, reliable and trustworthy and which ones are simply scammers and fraudsters, looking to take advantage of you and your wallet? 
Whether you decide to try a free psychic reading online by phone or paid psychic reading, before signing up with a certain psychic site and using the services it offers, there are several things that should be verified and explored, to make sure you’re making the right choice and avoiding possible disappointments.

Here are some of the key questions you need to ask as you evaluate each provider.

  • How long has the site been in business? 
    Prefer using companies with a long and positive track record. 
    New, unfamiliar platforms with no substantial reputation are always more risky to work with. 
  • What communication methods does the service support? 
    Some users prefer old-fashioned phone readings. Others may want to communicate via text chats, email messages or even live streaming video sessions. 
    If you have a clear preference, make sure the website offers it. 
  • Does the company offer a clear and detailed satisfaction guarantee? 
    Reliable companies make sure their customers are always satisfied, even if they receive a reading that they are not completely happy with. 
    Be sure to check if the company posts a clear and detailed satisfaction guarantee on its website, which gets your back fully covered. 
  • Does the network support your preferred payment method? 
    As you might expect, all major psychic websites accept credit cards. 
    In addition, some providers offer alternative payment options, such as PayPal, Bitcoin or others. 
    If you have a certain payment method you wish to use for your online psychic readings, make sure the service supports it. 
  • Does the company offer reliable customer service? 
    Legitimate sites in this market offer a continuous 24/7 customer service, which is always available to take your call or messages. 
    Verify that the platform you’re considering using meet such standards before paying for your first online session.