5 Tips for Better Performance in Bed

We all want to be more successful in work and also at home……..and in bed. These tips will help ensure that you are just that.  

1. Make Sleep A Priority

Stress is one of the biggest libido killers in both men and women.  Day to day activities such as a demanding work schedule, lack of sleep, and leading a poor lifestyle can cause your sex drive to take a dip. This is because the body produces cortisol (a stress hormone) in vast amounts which make it a lot harder to achieve any form of sexual stimulation.  

While some stressing factors may be inevitable, leading a positive lifestyle and getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep can help lower your stress levels significantly. It is when you sleep/rest that the body breaks down cortisol and produces more testosterone (men). Much of the testosterone in our bodies is produced while we sleep, one of the reasons most men wake up with an erection in the morning. That said, try to get enough sleep for improved sexual performance.  

If you struggle to fall/staying asleep, you might then want to try sleep therapy. One way to do this would be by creating a sleeping pattern (go to bed and wake up at the same time each day), ensure your bedroom promotes sleep (dark, quiet, and free of blue light), and investing in a comfortable bed and beddings. This should get your testosterone levels back up.  

2. Get Plenty Of Physical Exercises 

Your body needs to be in shape to be able to perform well in bed. While there’s no specific exercise aimed at improving sex, working out improves your strength levels while promoting good health, a crucial factor in bed.  Working the lower back muscles, pelvic floor muscles, forearms, and abs should also enable you to last longer without getting tired quickly.  

The pelvic floor region is one of the most neglected areas when exercising. The pubococcygeus muscle stretches between the pubic bone and tail bone. These are the muscles responsible for stopping the flow of urine when presses, and when you are peeing. Kegel exercises provide a convenient way to indulge these muscles toning them for better performance.  Try doing Kegel exercises at least twice in a week and whenever you can.  It is also through Kegel exercises that you’ll be able to experience greater orgasmic control and stronger orgasms. 

3. Learn To Control Your Sexual Arousal 

The key to more exceptional sexual performance and experience comes with the ability to control your sexual arousal arch. For instance, you need to know when to switch gears, slow down, and speed things up to be able to last longer and enjoy it even more.  To do this, you need to know what exactly makes you climax faster or delay ejaculation.  What ideas, thoughts, or fantasies improve your sensation, pressure, and speed when with your partner.  

If you have never really thought about your sexual arousal, or are unsure of what triggers certain things, writing down a wish list of everything you wish for when having sex could help you in the future. Divide the wish list based on what you enjoy, what you think you would enjoy, and what you may want to experiment with in the future. If you would like a bit of help with arousal try sildenafil 100mg. You can choose to share these with your partner or keep it to yourself.  The primary goal here is to know what makes you enjoy certain things in sex.  

4. Communicate

Communication is vital in every relationship – this includes sexual relations. Although many people shy away from sex talk, opening up to your partner is the only way you might be able to enjoy sex. Make an effort of talking out your likes, dislikes, and what you’d enjoy with your partner. Be sure to ask him/her what turns them on or off as well.  Communication is vital before, during, and after sex.  Giving feedback to your partner while having sex can go a long way in leaving them and even you satisfied. Using words such as ‘a bit slower’ and ‘a little harder’, or even ‘there’ appropriately will help your partner know what you want, hence guide them into satisfying you. Make use of your mouth whenever possible to make the experience more enjoyable.  

5. It Is All About Giving To Receive 

The only way you and your partner can enjoy the act of lovemaking is if the two of you are willing to go the extra mile. Take time to learn what your partner likes during sex and do them. By doing this, he/she will feel obliged to return the favor hence do what you like as well. This not only leaves you happy but satisfied as well. This is, however only possible if you do communicate when in bed.  

Gone are the days when sex talk was a taboo. Learn to discuss your problems, likes, and experiences with your partner to enjoy even more. Nothing satisfies more than giving pleasure.