7 Spiritual Symbols Everyone Should Know

Do you find yourself asking about life’s true meaning? Have you ever encountered a symbolic message from a passed loved one? Or do you have a deep connection to something other than the physical world? 

If you answered yes, you might be in touch with your spiritual life. Spirituality looks different for everyone who experiences it. But for many, there are some widespread spiritual symbols that hold immense meaning. 

Here are some of the top symbols of spirituality that you might encounter in your daily life. 

1. The Butterfly 

If you’ve ever seen a fluttering butterfly in nature, you know how majestic and beautiful they are. With their unique colors, patterns, and kinds, butterflies often hold a deeper meaning, too. 

Butterfly symbolism often refers to personal transformation. Similar to how a butterfly undergoes metamorphosis to reach its true form, humans can as well. If you come across a butterfly in your daily life, this may serve as an indication that you will be undergoing some sort of change. 

This may be a change in your personal life or professional life and can signal the start of something new. This can act as a reminder to stay positive and open-minded toward change. 

If a butterfly lands on you, this rare occurrence should not be ignored. This is often a message from a guardian angel, reminding you that you are safe.

2. Yin Yang 

Another common sign you have likely seen throughout your life is the Yin Yang, also known as Taijitu. One of the top ways for how to be more spiritual is to focus on balance and harmony. The Yin Yang serves as a reminder of this concept. 

One of the top principles of spirituality is that the good and the bad come together in harmony to make up life. This idea can often help us stay positive when we face obstacles. 

The Yin Yang can also symbolize the balance between masculine and feminine energy, or opposites. This refers to the idea that nobody is entirely feminine, masculine, or defined by one role. This balance of energy lives in us all. 

3. The Lotus Flower

Lotus flowers are beautiful plants with vivid pink, white, yellow, and green colors, often found in Asia, India, and China. While these flowers make for gorgeous outdoor decoration, they also hold deep meaning. 

This flower is often used as a symbol of enlightenment. As the Lotus blooms throughout the summer, it also withers and drops its petals within two to three days. While the Lotus grows from often murky, muddy waters, it represents rebirth. 

If you have experienced a significant loss, Lotus flowers can serve as a powerful reminder to stay positive and move forward. Like the Lotus flower, you will bloom again and better times are on the horizon. 

4. The Hamsa 

Most spiritual beings are familiar with The Hamsa. This is a universal symbol across many religions that translates into “The Hand of God.” 

The Hamsa is a protective, positive symbol. It serves to ward off negative energy or others with ill intentions. When paired with an eye in the center of the design, The Hamsa protects you from those who wish harm on you. 

Many people wear The Hamsa on jewelry, clothing, or as permanent spiritual tattoos. This is because its protection can be carried through many phases of life. 

If you’re looking to protect your energy and your spirit with a powerful symbol, consider learning more about The Hamsa.

5. The Tree of Life

Another important spiritual symbol to recognize is The Tree of Life. If you’ve ever come across this popular symbol, it may serve as a message to embrace your inner strength and individuality. It can also serve as a motivator to seek out personal development. 

Many believe that as tree branches grow toward the sunlight, humans also have the power to grow our strength upward. While no tree is exactly like another, neither are human beings. When growing and developing, we should focus on our unique spirit, beauty, and wisdom. 

This is one of the most popular spiritual symbols to find on clothing, jewelry, or tattoos. This is because The Tree of Life serves as one of the most powerful, universal symbols of evolution and success. If you are working toward a specific goal or new phase in your life, consider looking toward The Tree of Life for inspiration.

6. The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a symbol often used during various meditative practices. This symbol represents unity and togetherness in life. 

With overlapping circles in a rounded design, The Flower of Life shows every geometric form. These simple patterns can be infinitely expanded outward, representing the idea of creation and growth.

This is a common symbol used during meditation because it reminds you to stay grounded. The Flower of Life can also serve as a reminder to remain calm and remove unnecessary or complicated stresses. If you enjoy meditating or find yourself overthinking, The Flower of Life may help you.

7. The Pentacle

Sometimes referred to as The Pentagram, The Pentacle is another widely-known spiritual symbol. This circle design encompasses a five-pointed star polygon and can often symbolize the four elements or qualities of man. These four elements are represented by each of the points of the star.

At the top point, you’ll find the Spirit. Going around clockwise, you’ll find Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The circle surrounding the star represents eternity. The Pentacle is often used in spiritual ceremonies to serve as a reminder of the principles and nature of human life. 

Beware, a reversed pentacle with two points facing upward can often represent sinister or negative forces. When using The Pentacle for positivity and grounding, be sure that the one point is always facing upward. 

Use Spiritual Symbols for Growth 

While there are many symbols to choose from, all can be used to grow your own spirituality. Whether you’re looking to enter a new phase in life, recover from a loss, or become enlightened, one of these top spiritual symbols may help. 

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