8 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Organic Food

Some time back, organic foods were mostly available in health food stores, but nowadays, they are readily available in supermarkets, online, and grocery stores. The need to eat organic foods is a fast-growing trend worldwide after people realized its health benefits.

What are organic foods? These are foods that are grown without the use of chemical substances such as pesticides and fertilizers. Organic dairy products are taken from animals that are fed on plants that are grown naturally without the use of fertilizers. However, for any food to bear the tag of “organic food,” it must adhere to the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards and regulations.

Always check the label to see if the food products are USDA certified to avoid buying from unauthorized sellers. The following are benefits you can get from organically produced foods.

Fresh Foods

Organic foods are processed and prepared under strict USDA guidelines; hence, it is not common to find farmers using chemical preservation methods. Therefore, consumers are assured that any organic product in the market is fresh, full of flavor, and has essential nutrients. If you buy such cooked meals from a restaurant, you are sure they are oven ready meals that you can eat without any worries.

High-Quality Milk and Meat

Organic meat is safe for consumption because the animals aren’t introduced to antibiotics and other toxic medicines. Milk from naturally grazed animals has 60 % more vitamins, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids than conventionally raised cow’s milk.

Reduce Chances of Foodborne Diseases

Conventionally farming focuses on agribusiness, and thus most farmers do not mind if they use chemicals on animals or plants. Such farming practices have brought about foodborne illnesses that you can prevent by consuming organic foods.

Antioxidant Content

Scientific studies have proven the positive impact of antioxidants derived from organic foods. These feeds are grown without chemical products that may alter the antioxidants levels in organic foods. The benefits of antioxidants in food are; prevents premature aging, fights cancer cells, and prevents heart ailments.

Better Taste

Organic foods are given time to mature and develop, and as a result, they produce tasty sugars and minerals; hence they taste better than conventionally grown food.

Improve Immune System

The effects of consuming foods grown with genetic modifications and growth hormones take time before showing any health consequences. However, after a particular duration, studies have shown that consumers experiences reduced immunity strength. Organic foods are not altered at all; thus, they still retain high vitamin and mineral levels that boost the immunity system and consequently, better lifestyle.

Healthy Fats

Organic farming requires farmers to feed their livestock with naturally grown plants. This ensures that the animal products are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart.

Fewer Heavy Metals and Pesticides

As per the National Organic Standard Board guidelines, fruits, grains, and vegetables should be grown without pesticides. Conventional farming does not prohibit the use of some chemicals, which the health experts say can harm a person if consumed for long. For instance, Chlorpyrifos insecticide is linked to developmental delays in small children.


Prevention is better than cure. And, as stated above, consuming non-organic foods may not show any effects instantly, but in the long run, the chemicals in those foods can cause health complications to the consumer. When consuming any food, observe the following tips:

  • Read food labels carefully since not all containers contain the actual organic feeds.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with running water to remove dirt, chemicals, and bacteria.
  • Consume fruits that are in season.
  • Lastly, purchase foods from different sources.