Why is Gambling Celebrated in Chinese Movies?

Each modern society has its specific taste in film. Many agree that the Chinese have a very different way of portraying gambling in movies from their Western counterparts.

For instance, in the USA, locals will frequent Vegas on holidays to play poker and slots games such as 918kiss. On the other hand, in China, they will gather at various social events to stake on mahjong. Such a considerable difference shows how gambling is integrated differently in their respective classical shows and films. 

A significant focus on China-scripted movies reveals a lot of affection between their productions and gambling. From this pick-up point, they inspire so many slots through their culture. But why in China? This question keeps popping up.

The Portrayal of Gambling in China 

First of all, although there is a gambling ban in China, it does not seem to limit their love for a vice that they associate with social activities. Featuring of gambling in Chinese movies serves as a way to celebrate their amazing skills. 

Additionally, the movies are available for watching by all groups, which serves as a depiction of how socially acceptable gambling is. An example would be the 1989 movie God of Gamblers, which features a scene of characters playing with dice.

In these gambling-themed movies, there are a lot of scenes to enjoy. However, the big question still holds: “Why is gambling celebrated in Chinese movies so much?” The answer to that question is not straightforward. 

However, some aspects hint to the answer. These movies showcase certain features of the Chinese gambling culture, which borrow themes from traditions and nature. Exactly which are these features?  

Captivating Features of the Chinese Gambling-Themed Movies

Magical Skills – When you carefully examine the scenes, you will notice that the characters have supernatural skills when it comes to gambling. Often they will:

  • Change the value of poker cards by a single action
  • See through covered cards and mahjong tiles
  • Sense opponent’s thoughts

Professional Players – They say that gambling is a game of wit. As depicted in Chinese movies, it becomes easy to believe that Chinese players have amazing skills, with no magic involved. A perfect example is the God of Gamblers movie. 

The Power of feng shui – Many gambling-themed movies in China portray feng shui as a way of influencing the desired outcome, where individuals can shift luck to their favor with rituals. 

Income Gain – It is a common feature in Chinese gambling movies to show gambling as an essential way to make a livelihood. Typically, in their scenes, you will spot characters who use the financial benefits of luck-based games to improve their lives. Additionally, when a character has little knowledge of gambling, other characters will teach them how to gamble, to make big money.

Tournaments – A predominantly highlighted theme in Chinese gambling movies are tournaments, where players, both local and foreigners, come to compete and weigh their skills in a public or private competition. 

All of these factors contribute to the popularity of gambling in Chinese movies, which inspired numerous slots.