A Guide to Make a Link in PDF Documents

Do I need to introduce the concept or popularity of ‘digital technology’? Today, digital technology has its fair share in our daily routine activities, and one even cannot imagine a successful life with it. For instance, you are a student, you have to do a lot of things with it in order to score well. If you are a businessman, there is no concept of flourishing or expanding your business without the help of digital technology. One also needs it in order to increase the productivity of accelerating the profit rate. 

Now, this article will deal with the concept of adding links to text. When it comes to secure text, PDFs are mostly used for it. PDFs can easily become large files that contain many pages and also refers to external sources. It is better to learn how to make Links for PDF. When one places any link perfectively, it improves the experience of document reading. 

Why You Will Need to Add Links 

Links are usually a program to perform many actions. For instance, you can add links to jump to any other location in a document and perform many other functions. You can set the actions in the Properties dialog box. In short, when you place a link on any part of the text it makes your reading task smooth.

  1. Open the Other Web Pages 

While reading any document many times, we need to visit any other site for better understanding. And this irritates most readers when it comes to type out the URL. By adding links on the text you can lift the burden of effort to the reader. One can create a link over the URL. 

  1. Bounce Around the Text 

A topic discussed on page ten of your document may clear your concept in an appendix found on page forty-nine. One can add the link on page ten, bringing the reader the end page of the document. And on the same page, add another link that will take the reader back to where he/she was in PDF. 

Well, it is great to see how much adding a link is useful, but you don’t know how to make a link. For this, you need a program like Soda PDF to create, edit, or work on your PDF files. 

  1. How to Make Link 

When you need to add a link you can add it over any part of your PDF file. When it comes to placing a link, you can simply add it over images and text with a clear idea of what action will happen when the reader clicks the link. In Soda PDF with the following steps, one can easily create a link:

  • Click on INSERT and then Click on Links
  • A box will appear on your screen which asks you to add URL
  • Copy any URL which you want to add and paste the URL for the link 
  • Click OK.
  • In the bottom part of your window, an action list will be appear 
  • Choose and add action and click OK