ADM-201 & ADM-211: Exams You Need to Pass to Earn Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certifications

If the recent data of PayScale is to be believed, a certified Salesforce Administrator can earn $76k early while this figure can touch the mark of $97k after you gain 5-9 years of experience. $76k is a good start, so if you want to explore this opportunity and become a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, the primary tried-and-true step is to earn a relevant certification. There are two Salesforce badge options under the Administrator category: 

  • The PrepAway Certified Administrator;
  • The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

Each credential has its own path and polishes you differently. If you want a smooth launch for your career, a better understanding of these accreditations and which tests you need to pass before embarking the certification journey is essential. 

Salesforce Certified Administrator

This badge is designed for all those Salesforce specialists who are looking for a way to advance their skills and capabilities and get noticed in the marketplace. To obtain it, one needs to pass Exam Labs that contains 60 multiple-choice questions as well as 5 tasks that aren’t scored. The total allotted time duration for this assessment is 90 minutes. The minimum passing mark is 65% and the test fee is $200 plus some additional taxes.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

With an aim to reinforce the existing skills of a seasoned Salesforce administrator, the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator credential gives a whole new perspective to his/her career and opens the doors for new professional opportunities. To earn this badge, a candidate has to pass the Click Here to Visit CertBolt Now which contains 60 questions of the multiple-choice format with a passing score of 65%. The total allotted time for completing this exam is 105 minutes. When it comes to the enrolment fee it’s the same as for ADM-201 and equals $200 with some extra charges.

Why Opt for Practice Tests in Your Preparation?

Both ADM-201 & Certbolt ADM-211 exams are very extensive and verify a wide range of the candidates’ skills. If you wish to come up with flying colors in these two exams in the first try, you must consider using practice tests. As these materials contain real-time questions, they help you gain a detailed insight into what you have to deal with on the assessment day. Starting from making you competent in test patterns to learning the time management strategies, practice tests help you at almost every major front. The files downloaded from platforms like CertBolt are so realistic and reliable that they become an ideal part of your study plan rendering updated information.

How You Can Take up Tests?

Both certification assessments are available in two options:

  • Onsite proctored exams

You can appear for your ADM-201 or ADM-201 in a nearby testing center. Salesforce has collaborated with Kryterion and offers physical testing center facilities across the globe.

  • Online proctored assessments

You can take up the exams from the comfort of your home as both the tests are available in an online proctored mode as well. You can pick any remote location and appear for the assessments from there. However, a proctor will monitor your performance.

Enjoy a Rewarding Career

Salesforce is one of the highest demanding platforms in the industry and the world is in the deep dearth of certified specialists. So, if you think of earning a Salesforce credential, then we must say that it’s the right move. The Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Certbolt SalesFor Developer are two ways that will help you become skilled in this booming path and enjoy a rewarding career. Just opt for some updated practice tests and make your dreams come true!