Affirmations For Relationships – Top 5 Affirmations To Attract Love!

In dating and relationship terms, affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool that will help build your confidence, enabling you to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. These statements or mantras are all about harnessing the potential of positive thinking. Psychologists have long extolled the benefits of introducing positive mental attitudes to achieve success, so where romance is concerned, affirmations can be a considerable boost. If you’re seeking a partner on a date site, they might even help you find love. Here are the top five affirmations you can consider according to relationship experts from

I welcome love into my life without hesitation

When it comes to affirmations for relationships, one of the most powerful ways of attracting love is focusing on your emotions. You are dealing with an incredibly potent subject matter here, so rather than approaching the situation from a default position of caginess or taking things one step at a time, why don’t you consider the direct route? So whether or not you’ve only just connected, or your partnership has been developing for a while, your affirmation should be all about being positive and upbeat. Let your partner’s feelings into your life.

There’s a soulmate for me, and I deserve to find them

Is it a myth that there is someone out there for everyone? Of course not. Another important affirmation is to recognize that there will be another single out there who is on your wavelength. Tracking them down and then interacting is the hard part, but your affirmation should dwell on the positive aspect of seeking out your prospective partner. When you come across a potential candidate for romance, keep in mind that you deserve to find happiness. Dating sites might have a reputation for casual encounters, but there is also every chance you could enter into a meaningful relationship.

I believe trust lies at the heart of every relationship

Every relationship in the world relies on trust. Even websites dedicated to pairing individuals for casual hookups or one-night stands rely on a certain understanding between the relevant parties. Although trust is intrinsic to a successful partnership, it can remain a fragile attribute, something that sometimes needs to be worked on whenever there are understandings or fallouts. We are all human, after all. But your affirmation should concentrate on how crucial it is to reinforce that sense of trust between you and your partner. The stronger the sense of trust, the more solid your bond will become.

I understand my partner intuitively

While the timescale will vary, depending on how quickly you established a sense of chemistry with your partner, the time will come when what you have evolves. At the outset, in the first flushes of a new coupling, you are driven by excitement and hormones. There is every likelihood you’ll anticipate each new date and will spend much of the time getting to know each other physically. Over time, this will become something more deep-rooted. Your affirmation should be reminding yourself that you and your other half enjoy an instinctive understanding, enabling you to anticipate their moods, their aspirations, their worries.

I have a strong capacity to forgive

Being in love means accepting events, even when you have been left bitterly disappointed by the outcome. So if your partner does something that leaves you hurt or disillusioned, harboring resentment isn’t going to improve the situation. On the contrary, it will only exacerbate matters. Here your affirmation should dwell on your ability to seek a resolution by being the bigger person and offering your forgiveness. This will bring you even closer together.