Aries Man with Aries Woman

This combination is passionate and volatile. You’re both independent, impulsive, and impatient people who often seem to be living your lives jammed in fast forward. If you can slow down enough to agree on what you want to do right now, then there’s hope that you can figure out where the relationship is headed tomorrow or a month from now!

aries man and aries woman

Whether you’re cooking, making love, or driving a car, both of you have your own ideas about how things should be done. There may be squabbles related to these kinds of issues, but sooner or later one of you learns to give in some of the time to other or you both learn the art of gasp cooperation.

Fortunately, you share a fearless that propels you on one adventure after another and as long as one can keep up with the other, things are great. But when your desires diverge – one of you wants to hang out at home, for instance, and the other wants to hike the Appalachian Trail – then there’s trouble.

In an ideal world, you would go your separate ways for the day with no hard feelings. After all, you’re two very independent people. But given the fiery emotions both of you have, a divergence of wills may lead to problems until you both understand that you have come together in this life to support and learn from each other.

At some level, you’re both thrill seekers and enjoy excitement regardless of how it’s whapped. When you come up against obstacles in life, you probably respond the same way – you ram the obstacle again and again until it finally crumbles. Given the ardent, passionate nature of most Aries individuals, your sexual relationship won’t ever be boring, but you both tend to be jealous or suspicious when you feel your partner may not be faithful to you.

Positive: Passion, honesty, strong sexual bond, adventurous spirit

Negative: Jealousy, stubbornness, competitiveness

Compatibility: 💗💗💗💗 out of 5