Astrology and Feng Shui Tips For Indian Casino Players

If you are a casino player and want to improve your chances of winning, astrology and feng shui are two aspects that are worth looking at. They will improve your chances of winning and make you a player with excellent decision-making skills and flawless strategies. While astrology will rather teach us and we can take certain steps depending on what we find out in our horoscope, with feng shui, all you have to do is to learn which elements and zones are most favorable, and reorganize the place where you live, or have several lucky talismans that will bring you luck to your gameplay. 

Whether you want to improve your poker mindset or increase your chances of winning online slots in India, these tips are guaranteed to help you! Read on to find out.

Feng Shui For Casino Players 

Feng shui is based on five essential elements, namely water, fire, metal, earth, and wood, and each of these elements represents a particular strength and quality. While fire represents a passion and can bring more energy, activity, or enthusiasm into our lives, water carries the energy of peace, purity, and flow, most of all. 

Water is one of the most favorable elements when it comes to money or casino games because it represents the flow and, if used correctly, can bring abundance, success, or a constant flow of winning gameplays. If you play online casino, make sure you have an aquarium or a small fountain in your room. 

Another very beneficial element is wood, which in itself carries the qualities of wealth, prosperity, and health. As with water, make sure there is enough wood in your room, either plant with a solid stem, such as a bonsai, a lucky bamboo, or a talisman made of wood. Wooden amulets, such as a pendant, statuette, or wooden phone cases, are especially beneficial for online casino fans. 

Feng Shui Lucky Placements 

Knowing the essential elements for success, another important factor is the location and placement. According to feng shui, a southeast corner is a place of success, wealth, and good fortune. To activate the feng shui wealth corner, it is advisable to place wood and/or water element there. Not only will you open up to a new stream of money and success, but you will also activate the energy of good fortune that will bring you success in playing online slots, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games. 

Do you play casino games on your laptop, tablet, or phone? Make sure you sit head north. North is the zone that governs luck and success, and if you’re facing this zone, it will boost your luck and concentration, especially if you are a fan of card games or roulette. This zone will also improve your thinking, focus, and decision-making, which is essential when choosing slots. Lots of Indian players tend not to read reviews of online slots and casino games and end up making bad decisions. 

Astrology For Casino Players 

Western astrology says that the planets of luck and good fortune are Jupiter and Venus. However, if we look at Vedic astrology (the traditional Hindu astrology), it offers us more details, especially if we want to know if we have the prerequisites to win in an online casino. 

According to Hindu astrology, the houses you should pay more attention to are 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th. If the benefic planet such as Venus or Jupiter is in your 8th house, you have a high chance of winning. You were born with the ability to recognize the right opportunities and create flawless winning strategies for casino games. 

Another aspect very favorable for casino players is the lord of the 2nd house in 2nd, 5th, 8th, or 11th house. It predicts not only big wins but also frequent ones. This placement in your horoscope also predicts more wins in a short period of time. 


A look at astrology and feng shui will not only allow you to see more ways to improve your winnings but will also give you more confidence and show you that you can make your own luck like a professional!