Attract Love in 2020 Using These 6 Feng Shui Tips

In 2019, you love chapter maybe was not perfect. You have been in several relationships, but nothing seems to be working out. You are heartbroken and almost giving up on your love life.

You are currently reading a love magazine, or watching a Mexican soap opera in a bid to find some tips that will make your next relationship in 2020 work out, but your efforts don’t seem to pay off.

Now, you have decided to focus on other things that matter in your life, such as learning how to bet on horse races in, for example. Maybe you believe you will have more luck gambling than betting on love.

Here is the thing…

Don’t lose hope yet! You have come to the right place.

By using the oriental practice of Feng Shui, you will doubtlessly eliminate the negative energy you have about love and only attract positive energy.

Below are some Feng Shui tips that will help you attract love in 2020.

1. Free someplace in the bedroom

Weird, huh?

As crazy as it sounds, you will easily find the love of your life, or make the current relationship work if you create some space for another person in your bedroom.

Now take a look at every corner of your bedroom. What do you see?

Is the closet filled with your stuff?

Is the shoe rack overfilled with your shoes?

If your answer is yes, here is what you need to do – declutter every space, and make sure there is enough space for another person’s stuff. 

Once you have done this, admire the empty spaces and imagine that you have placed your significant other’s stuff in those spaces. What do you feel?

2. Clean your bedroom

The reason why your flows of energy are sluggish and feeble is because you have an untidy bedroom.

To allow the energy to flow unimpeded and drive positive vibes in your love life, consider cleaning your bedroom and putting everything in order.

Get rid of everything you don’t need, declutter the closet, clean the floor, check under the bed and eliminate all the unnecessary stuff, and wipe the ceiling if need be.

Don’t leave the bedroom until you are sure it’s sparkling clean.

As soon as you are done, clap your hands to get rid of any stuck energy and create a path for a flow of positive energy.

3. Get rid of objects that remind you of failed relationships

“I got that painting from my first lover. But he/she left me for another person!”

“He brought me this watch from Germany, but he is now married!”

These are some of the things you are probably thinking about as you scan the corners of your bedroom.

If you want to experience negative energy constantly, keep things that remind you of failed relationships, especially in your bedroom!

If you have any pictures, letters, text messages, or physical objects that you consider romantic, but which remind you of relationships that didn’t work, do yourself a favor and dispose them off!

4. Move your bed

Look at your bed. Is there one side that is touching the wall? Probably, there is!

Here is the thing – the person who will be sleeping facing the wall will feel deprived of freedom and stuck in a relationship. Crazy, right?

But according to Feng Shui, your bed should be placed strategically, so that both sides are equidistant to the walls.

Also, your bed should be placed on the opposite side of the door, as opposed to being in a straight line with it.

If you want to see the door when sitting on the bed, place a mirror on the wall.

5. Don’t work out in the bedroom

If you love working out in the bedroom, you should stop going forward. This is because the effort you invest in doing might be transposed in your relationship.

You don’t want your relationship to become a sustained effort, right? If you have to exercise at your house, do it elsewhere but not in the bedroom!

6. Finally, make your intentions clear

Don’t just do all the things mentioned above and expect the positive energy to flow by itself. Do whatever you feel will represent your idea of romance.

One of the best ways to make your intentions clear is to create a collage using images that represents your idea of love.

In case you are in a relationship, ask your partner to help in creating the collage. This will make him/her believe that you are ready to build a strong relationship together.