Become A Project Management Professional (PMP) Via Exams4Sure PMP Exam Questions

A recent survey showed that more than three-fourth of the projects that result in success are handled by PMP project managers.  Also, the companies that have PMP certified managers are more efficient in their projects than the ones who don’t. What’s more amazing is that PMP is the highest-paying credential according to most of the surveys initiated last year. 

This sounds pretty enough to get you pumped up on getting PMP certified! However, before you take any step toward taking the exam, go through the details mentioned in this article. This article will help you understand what PMP is all about.

What is PMP?

No matter how far you are in your career, the universally acknowledged Project Management Professional (PMP) certification validates you know what project management is all about. If you are not a project manager yourself, the PMP will help anyone who needs help completing any project with success. 

The PMP certified is recognized as the ability bearer who knows how to manage projects efficiently. Give wings to the hard work you’ve done so far with this credential. And if you need help in preparation is at your service. Well-organized and expertly curated PMP Exam Dumps are the recipe for success in the first attempt. 

Why PMP?

There are more than 932,720 active PMP certified individuals across 218 countries. They have earned the recognition of their skills with this certification and are earning 25% higher than others.

The PMP certification adds value to your resume and hence your career. According to CIO magazine, PMP is the top project management certification. Most certainly because it proves the certification holders have the skills and experience that employers look for. 

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How to Get PMP?

Earning PMP is synonyms with Commitment and that is why it is valuable. If you have hands-on experience in project management, you are already halfway through. Before you apply for the PMP Certification here are some required qualifications that you must have:

  • A four-year degree
  • Three years of leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training

         — OR —

  • A high school diploma
  • An associate’s degree or global equivalent
  • Five years of leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training

Exam Fee

Applying for PMP Exam will cost you:

  • 405 US dollars if you are a member
  • 555 US dollars if you are not

Don’t let this price get you discouraged, it’s just a little investment to your successful future. Besides the PMP Test Questions practice, you will receive at Exams4sure does the job within your budget. 

Exam Syllabus

The PMP exam specifies you are well aware of the following five tasks. The numbers in parenthesis relate the percentage of questions for each task.

  • Initiating the project (13%)
  • Planning the project (24%)
  • Executing the project (31%)
  • Monitoring and controlling the project (25%)
  • Closing the project (7%)

Exam Structure:

The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, is a closed book which means doesn’t allow reference material. 25 questions out of 200 are sample questions to manage the difficulty and accuracy of the exam. Hence the candidates are graded according to their ability to answer correctly in the remaining 175 questions only. The PMP exam typically takes about 4 hours to finish.

If you fail the exam, you can re-take it again 3 times in a year. If you fail all 3 three times within a year, you must wait for a year to re-take the exam.

How Hard is PMP?

The fail rate for the PMP exam is estimated at 40-50% for first-timers test-takers. There is no specific passing score and the question is graded based on its relative difficulty. This means if you get all the easy ones right and difficult ones wrong you could fail the exam.

Applying for a PMP training course is the best you can do to get safe from embarrassing yourself. Exams4Sure PMP Test Guide is the best option in this respect. The guide will provide the latest content-related questions. While the test practices will track your progress and increase your odds at passing the exam in the first try. 


It is expensive, difficult and time-consuming but many professionals agree that it adds value to the resume. Also, you get recognized in the industry worldwide, it further helps you learn skills most employers are looking for. And best of all, it contributes to higher income and validates your dedication to the job.

The PMP certification is definitely worth the effort. If you are interested in getting PMP certified then you should get the best test material you can. is a popular name among PMP Practice Questions providers. Plus, these resources have helped many aspiring professionals reach an impressive success.