Best Date Spots Near Frankfort, KY

Are you getting ready to go on a date with someone but you aren’t sure about where to go or what to do? This is actually a common problem for couples who have recently met on a dating app as well as those who have been together for a long time and want to enjoy a romantic day or night together. Thankfully, there are no shortages of fantastic places to visit, things to see, and activities to try in and near Frankfort. 

Below is a list of date spots that are worth considering, whether you’ve met someone on a dating app for young professionals in Kentucky, you have found someone on a site where you can meet single parents, or you have been set up on a date with someone your friend thinks would be perfect for you. 

For People Who Enjoy the Great Outdoors: Cove Spring Park

These days, because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you might want to enjoy a date in the great outdoors rather than in a crowded indoor space. And the good news is that, in the Frankfort area, you have a lot of options that you and your date can choose from. A great example is Cove Spring Park, which is open until dusk, so you can spend all day taking in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. Be sure to bring a camera, and consider packing a picnic so you can take breaks and have something to eat in between exploring the waterfalls, historic and natural attractions, springs, ravines, wetlands, and more. Overall, this is a great spot for those who love spending time in the natural world. 

For Those Who Love History: Liberty Hall Historic Site

If you and your date are fans of history and you like visiting places that have an interesting background and a fantastic story to tell, you might want to check out the Liberty Hall Historic Site. There, you will be able to enjoy a daytime date that consists of visiting historic properties. And if you would prefer taking a leisurely stroll through a gorgeous garden, you can also do that as you get to know your date better. If you enjoy historical architecture and exhibits, you’re sure to have plenty to talk about.  

For Those Looking for Something Different: Buffalo Trace Distillery

If you are the type of person who enjoys tasting delicious alcoholic beverages, you might want to go to a winery or distillery for your next date. In that case, it’s worth checking out the Buffalo Trace Distillery, where you can choose from several fun and interesting tours. Check their site to see what tours you can book, and then get ready to try something different.  

Final Tip: Consider Your Interests as a Couple

Hopefully, the list above has helped you figure out where you can go when you’re ready for a date near Frankfort. But if you’re still stumped for ideas when it comes to setting up a date that you will not forget, don’t worry. Whether you used an app designed for looking for a white man to date or you’ve been trying to connect with like-minded people who follow a similar lifestyle, just consider your preferences and interests. That might be enough to start generating some new ideas that will help you plan the ideal daytime or evening date.