Bingo Luck and Superstitions

It appears even in this age of technology where we can access just about anything on the go and carry about with us devices that are powerful enough to fire a satellite that we are still a superstitious bunch and these superstitions – whether they are counting a black cat as unlucky/lucky – not walking under a ladder (although there is some sense to this) – to any set of rituals, superstitions and all they influence, are in every part of our hi-tech daily lives and that includes the games we play.

Now bingo players, like all other gamblers are also a superstitious lot, with many paying a great deal of attention to luck – you only have to go to a land-based bingo hall to see the amount of luck charms that are on the tables to get a feel of this.  

The thing is that although bingo is probably the most social game to play – people also like to win – and if they think that they can court ‘Lady Luck’ in some way – well what’s the harm in that?  

In fact, people can follow all types of routines and rituals as they get ready for a night out of gaming. Lucky clothes, lucky markers, lucky numbers – even having a lucky table or chair at the bingo hall all have a part to play for the superstitious bingo player.  

These superstitions can lead to a one player asking another one to move if they happen to be sitting in their ‘lucky seat’ – and the unwritten rule is for that person to happily vacate the seat for who would want to jinx a fellow bingo player by upsetting their luck?  

Lucky charms can vary from the traditional lucky horse shoe or a four-leaf clover (luckily, we do not see many ‘lucky’ rabbits’ paws anymore) to a full range of cuddly toys, photographs and so on. 

Charms are never hidden, rather they are proudly displayed and are given a high profile – usually right in front of the player who owns them – and this even extends to online bingo nights as playing online does not mean that a player loses their superstitions.  

Being able to play whenever and wherever you choose via a mobile device appeals to many people and online bingo is now one of the most popular ways to keep in touch with family and friends as well as getting in some gaming action – but of course lucky charms also need to be portable in this instance.  

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