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Biology of Happiness: Keys to Happy Living from Shakuntali Siberia

Do you know that happiness has its biology? Do you know that to achieve all the horizons you are dreaming about it is vital to be in the state of happiness? Do you know how not to roll down in the negative emotions or a bad mood which is destroying our dreams and desires?
In this article Shakuntali Siberia shares information no teacher in no school will ever explain to you. Continue reading and discover what real happiness is, how you can achieve the state of total happiness, where you can find happiness every day, and how you can share it.

When a person strives to be joyful and to live in a state of happiness, his organism begins working out such substances that support this wonderful state and it is very easy to keep it. And on the contrary, when a person stays in depression, doubts, negativity, his organism starts working out such substances which support this negative state and it is very difficult to be in a good mood because you need to overcome the chemistry of organism, its hormonal background in the first place.
This is why if you want to be happy, Shakuntali Siberia explains, you need to cultivate happiness. A healthy way of life helps an organism to produce positive substances and a person feels much better. It is easier to understand using the following example. Children are mostly happy despite the outer circumstances because they recently came from a subtle world which is like heaven. Their organisms are healthy and are working out the right substances. While elderly people have broken organisms due to their life experience. Wrong life ruins the normal work of an organism. Their souls become more and more unhappy.

Have you ever noticed that quite often a child is very surprised when nothing that he has imagined appears in real life? This happens not because children are silly or crazy, but because they still have a habit from the subtle world they came from where everything they imagined materializes. Shakuntali Siberia notices that quite often children live in their imaginary world just because they used to it during their life in the subtle world. Coming to the Earth they have to break their worldview, because here they are taught that everything is created from the raw energy with hard labor, but not fantasy.
The good news is that you can return the amazing state of happiness. In this video Shakuntali Siberia shares a powerful practice which will help you to create this magic chemistry inside responsible for these beautiful things happiness consists from. As soon as you catch this state you will immediately start sharing your happiness with others because it is like a virus but in a positive way. Continuing practicing you will become a source of happiness and will definitely enjoy it.
Shakuntali Siberia invites you to her seminars to create happiness together all over the world. Join Shakuntali Siberia and create the enormous and endless state of happiness to be spread far around the world, into Mother Earth and further outside the planet. “Let’s create happiness together. Namaste”.