Can Positive Affirmations Help You With Your Studies?

“Stay Positive!” It is a phrase you have heard at least a few times in your life. Have you ever wondered as to why everyone focuses on staying positive? There must be some reason behind it. How does it actually help? Does a positive statement actually have an impact on the outcomes of our actions? Read ahead to find out!

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are nothing but positive statements that help in generating a constructive vibe and eliminating negative thoughts from one’s mind. Such phrases make you repeat encouraging thoughts to inspire and encourage yourself to do better. They help in boosting the self-esteem greatly and aid one in coming out with the improved outcomes.

Positive affirmations and students

Are these helpful for students too? Yes, of course! Studies have shown that positive affirmations help in increasing one’s morale! This holds true for all kinds of performances. Whether we talk about studying, preparing for exams, writing a case study, leading a team, or looking for someone’s assistance, they are a great help! Do they make learning easier? The answer to that is no.

They do not make things simpler in the literal sense. However, they do increase people’s beliefs in themselves, in particular, that they can do the task they have taken up! There are various affirmations for anxiety that help reduce concerns.

Students need the inspiration to excel

Not all the students are equally strong at academics. There are those who struggle with studies and are not very confident about performing well in exams. Positive affirmations are a strong tool in such cases. They give students the needed inspiration and strength to push a little harder and perform better.

School or university assignments and essays can be quite challenging to deal with. There is a lot of pressure on students to complete all the homework assigned timely and get good grades in the class quizzes as well as exams. Thus, it is actually a great tool to boost their energy levels a bit so that they can focus more and perform better. If you are thinking that simply chanting an optimistic assertion to yourself would help you get better grades, you are wrong. Positive affirmations will just enhance your self-confidence and increase faith in yourself. They generate a soft voice in your heart, saying, “You can do this!” And, this, in turn, brings helpful energy that pushes one to study better.

Is there any science behind positive affirmations?

If you ask about science, yes, there is psychological science involved behind this concept. However, it is not magic or a miracle! Studies show that one needs to practice these optimistic affirmations on a regular basis, repeating them to oneself over and over again.

Psychological theories clearly state that positive statements are a way of ‘affirmation’ that increases one’s self-integrity. And, by doing so, they help in boosting individuals’ performance.

To put some logic into this theory, neuroscientific research was conducted. This was done for studying the changes in the brain when positive statements are heard repeatedly. MRI was used showing that there is an increase in neural pathways upon practicing optimism daily. This, thus, helps in constructive valuation of various tasks.

How can positive affirmations be useful for students in academics?

There are a number of benefits of repeating positive affirmations to yourself as a student. Here are a few significant ones listed:

  • They help in reducing one’s stress over academics, university submissions, homework as well as other student-related issues.
  • Positive Affirmations create a constructive aura around students, which makes the environment encouraging to study more and perform better.
  • They inculcate positive emotions in students’ minds. Thus, making their physical behavior better. For example, a confident person smiles more often, talks respectfully, etc.
  • Because of the overall optimistic mindset, they cause negative feelings to have a lesser impact, keeping them at bay from students’ minds. That is, they don’t get discouraged easily.
  • Gives them a self-boost, which helps in excelling better at school or university activities. Students who are confident do not feel ‘left out’ at their institution. Thus, relieving their mental trauma.

Positive affirmations are great tools for students. They reach our subconscious minds, and thus, determine how we function and react to things. Students also get relief in mental pressure during studying, exams as well as writing assignments. Therefore, such affirmations also help in channelizing the brain better.

Such pronouncements, thus, determine the attitude towards studies and other aspects of life. Apart from studying with full dedication, putting hard work, and using the right study techniques, repeating some encouraging statements to yourself would be great!