Can Self Love Lead To World Peace?

Can you imagine a world full of people who truly recognized the connection to life within them, and loved themselves fully? If we all could love ourselves more, the world would be a much happier place. Imagine with me… this loving wisdom can cascade into a snowball effect that will transform human lives everywhere, and help our planet.

People often suffer from a lack of self esteem, and a lack of self confidence. These inner hurdles are often there because somewhere along the line, people heard lies about their worth from others who didn’t know any better. These energies can sink into the subconscious, where they reside as magnets until resolved. The antidote? Reconnecting with the Source Within that is beyond all suffering, pain, hatred, jealousy, self doubt, and competition. Knowing we are one with this Source will eventually wash away the pain and the lies, and help us stand in our perfect power and presence.

Author Chireya Fox is on a mission to get this potent self love memo out around the world! Her latest book, “Fall In Love with the Beloved Within” is available for pre-order through her Indiegogo Campaign.

Fox says, “Our next book, online course and coaching program helps us understand that we are all part of one LIFE. When we remember our connection with life itself as one human family, we also remember we are truly loveable at our core. When we FEEL lovable, it is much easier to be kind and extend that love to other members of our extended human family.”

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