Can You Improve Your Future By Learning About Your Past Life?

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been in a situation before –and this sense of recognition is much stronger than simple deja vu? 

Do you have phobias or recurring dreams that you can’t explain? 

Are you sometimes drawn to specific objects or even hobbies, finding that you’re suddenly familiar with how to do or operate something you’ve never learned before? 

These scenarios all hint at the possibility of a lingering past life. Learning how to remember past life memories on your own can be incredibly difficult, but you’re now in a position where you want answers. You’re ready to consider past life regression therapy.

But how does it work, and what are the benefits of learning more about who you used to be? Read on to find out. 

What Is a Past Life?

If you believe in reincarnation, you know that people don’t simply cease to exist forever once they die. Instead, their souls are reborn into new bodies in another place, time, and circumstance. 

It’s possible that your soul has lived through several lives already. 

While you focus most of your energy and memories on your current life, hints of a past life often break through without warning. Places may seem familiar, you may feel that you recognize other people, or you may have a strange vision that doesn’t match anything you’ve experienced firsthand. 

These are all signs of past lives.

In fact, even you and your current romantic partner may have been together in a past life. That’s why so many people experience that feeling of finding “The One,” almost inexplicably after meeting someone special for the first time. 

Not all past lives were pleasant and easy. 

You may have been persecuted, experienced a difficult death, or experienced serious challenges in your past lives. These memories insert themselves into your present life because they are trying to teach you something.

They may also try to warn you about certain circumstances or even people. If you’ve ever just had a “bad feeling” about someone, they may have been your enemy in a past life.

How to Remember Your Past Life

If you’re asking yourself, “Who was I in my past life?” we know you likely won’t find peace until you’re able to get an answer. 

There are several different ways to recall your past life. 

First, you need to open up yourself to the idea of your past life by meditating. In other words, you have to prepare yourself to receive the information. Turn on soft lighting and sit in a quiet room, barefoot. Close your eyes and focus only on your breathing. 

Picture a hallway that leads to your past life, with one small door at the end of it. Walk towards it slowly, and open the door. You may only see a tiny glimpse at first, but with practice, you’ll be able to stay longer and pick up recurring themes. 

You may also find that getting professional pastlife readings over the phone or in-person is incredibly helpful. Psychics, mediums, or past life regression therapists can put you into a meditative space and communicate directly with your spirit guides. 

Often, your past selves will have much to say, so bring a notebook to your session to write everything down afterward. 

The Benefits of Understanding Your Past Life

Especially if you feel like you’re struggling in your life right now, your past lives could have the answers you’ve been looking for. 

Often, our past selves are so desperate to speak with us that they can be quite disruptive to your present. Connecting with them can make recurring dreams and sometimes frightening visions stop. 

Above all, however, learning more about who you used to be can teach you how to use what you learned in the past to approach your present. Maybe you overcame similar challenges and already know what to do from past experience. 

Perhaps you worked in a certain field in the past, and you’re being called to re-enter it now. Maybe your past selves even want to speak with you about how to find your soulmate. 

Knowing your past selves will also help you to be more appreciative of the beautiful life you have now. Even though things don’t always go your way, you’ll likely learn that, in comparison to who you used to be, you’re doing quite well now. 

Learning about your past selves allows you to be more empathetic and understanding regarding the problems of others. You may even learn how to better help the people around you after listening to your past selves give advice. 

Above all, however, most people are curious about their past lives and interested in learning more. 

Want to Learn More Techniques for Connecting with Your Past Life

We’re certain that this post has made you quite curious about learning about your past life. 

Work only with a trusted psychic if you reach out to another person. Above all, remember that you need to be prepared for the fact that you might not always like what you discover. 

Curious about other ways to meditate? Want to understand how the right visualization techniques, psychic accessories, and even scents and potions can help you to connect to your past? 

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