Can you manifest hitting the Jackpot at online casinos for free?

We all dream of winning the lottery and want to believe the law of attraction can help us achieve this goal. Online casinos and bingo sites have extensive collections of games that can be tried for free by anyone who completes the registration process. These games are mobile friendly, fun to play on real and virtual currency but there is usually an indissoluble link between the stakes and the profits. Players are naturally asking themselves if it is possible to win real money at online casinos for free. While it is usually necessary to make a deposit and bet real money for a chance to win cash, there are alternative ways to do it. 

Play for real and risk-free with no-deposit bonuses

The most straightforward way of chasing real winnings without committing resources is by taking advantage of no deposit bonuses and plenty of these online bingo bonuses can be found at or by doing a quick search on Google. These are a rarity even at the best casinos, as bonuses are usually contingent to making a deposit. The name speaks for itself, as the casino awards a bonus amount for free without requiring a deposit. The money can’t be withdrawn immediately, but instead it is subject to wagering requirements and players are compelled to bet the amount on qualifying games.

The main advantage of no-deposit bonuses is that they are offered with few strings attached and you don’t take any chances. They are usually limited to select games, which can be an infringement upon your freedom of choice, but this is a small price to pay. The wagering requirements can differ greatly and while some can be quite steep and difficult to meet, you still have a chance to succeed. In the end, players will still have to make a deposit; that’s because the only way to cash out the winnings resulting from no deposit bonuses is via the same payment method used previously for a deposit.

Try popular slots at no cost with free spins

Far more common than no deposit bonuses, free spins are offered by casinos on selected slots. These can’t be used to play any other genres and sometimes players are even restricted to a specific slot. This is the central condition on which the release of free spins is made and there are no shortcuts to take. In most cases, free spins are awarded to mark the arrival of new games, and their value is relatively low. Casinos award them with the intention to get as many players as possible familiar with the new game.

Even when the free spins are limited to a single game, the resulting winnings can be used to try other slots and even different genres. Casinos decide how many times the profits need to be used before cash outs are permitted, with the average values revolving between 30 and 50 times. Further restrictions rarely apply and at leading online casinos, players can use smartphones and tablets to play the games. The free spins themselves only need to be used once and the resulting winnings are credited as bonus funds.

Compete with others in freerolls

Another way of making real money at online casinos for free is by taking part in freerolls competitions. These are particularly popular poker rooms, where players can participate in large-scale tournaments without paying the buy-in fees. The system is straightforward and eligible players are granted access to these tournaments which have guaranteed prize pools. In most cases, preference is given to new players, for those who have climbed the loyalty program and attained VIP status. Access to these exclusive events has the merit of providing players with a clear avenue to winning money without risking any of their own.

The equivalent of poker freerolls in online casinos are the tournaments dedicated to either slots or table games. Participants try to be the last player standing to win a share of the guaranteed prize pool, as they compete against their peers. What makes these competitions particularly exciting is the fact that players also get to keep all the profits they make. Essentially, one can hit two birds with one stone, by making a deep run in that tournament, while also keeping the profits made at the tables.

Earn comp points through loyalty programs

A less direct way of winning real money for free at online casinos is by earning comp points. These are awarded as a part of the loyalty programs which reward the most committed players. Only real money wagers qualify, so at some point players need to make a deposit and take the small chance of betting real currency. On the bright side, at the end of each gaming session, players earn comp points regardless of the outcome, which can be converted into cash. The other way of benefiting from comp points is by spending them to gain access to exclusive tournaments, such as the freeroll competitions described above.