Can you play mobile casino games for free?

Online casinos have extensive portfolios of games that can be enjoyed by anyone who signs up for real money account. Gambling operators encourage others to make a deposit and play for real, but they provide them with a chance to try the games for free. This is a mutually beneficial deal, since players can try the thrills of games without taking financial chances, while the casinos bring in new customers. 

How can one play casino games for free?

It is customary for online casinos to require players to sign up for an account and complete the registration process to access the games. This is the rule, but there are obviously exceptions where players can start spinning the reels of slots, play table games or video pokers without an account and you can find a great selection of reviews here. Even when it is mandatory to sign up, the entire process doesn’t take more than a few minutes and it can be completed on mobile devices. Players have the option of selecting a payment method during this step, but they can postpone a deposit for as long as they like and still gamble for free.

Once an account is set up, players can log in using the username and password. This grants them access to the entire collection of games and can try all of them for free using play money. The virtual currency is offered automatically by the casino upon registration and it is refreshed indefinitely. This means that even if players are unlucky and end up losing the entire virtual bankroll, additional funds will be added. The worst-case scenario is to have to write an email or message to customer support for more play money to be added. This is rarely needed and even when this is the case, the effort is minimal.

Why do casinos offer free games?

Players are obviously excited to be able to try different games for free without making a deposit. The question is why are online casinos willing to provide this alternative, when their goal is obviously to make money. Slots, table games and video pokers, as well as other gaming genres played on virtual currency can’t generate any winnings. This means that players are provided with a sandbox environment where they can have fun without spending or winning real currency.

Casinos know that the most important component of gambling is the presence of a stake and the chance to win real money. When wagering exclusively virtual currency, players eventually lose interest in the game, as they lack the motivation to persevere. If the game of choice is exciting, gets them fully immersed into the atmosphere and has the potential of generating big winnings, things change radically. 

When casinos are confident in the quality of their product, they want to have as many people as possible try the games. A significant percentage of those who start playing the games for free eventually make a deposit and bet real money. Gamblers make an informed decision after playing for free, while casinos expand their customer base; in the end everybody wins.