Car Crash Dream Interpretation

Looking for a car crash dream interpretation? Dreaming about a car crash can be very unpleasant. When I first dreamed about a car crash, I was very scared to drive that day, and I was very worried about all my family members, too.

car crash dream interpretation
Car crash dream interpretation

Well, it’s quite natural; we are worried, more cautious and think about this dream all day. However, it is good to know that dreams are mostly symbolic, ie. if you’re dreaming of a car crash, it doesn’t literally mean your or someone else’s car accident, but rather the loss of something or the fear of losing something/someone.

You as a driver during a car accident

If you dream of driving a car and crashing, it means you don’t have full control over your life, you don’t have your life in your hands. In other words, something gets out of control and you’re afraid you’ll lose it.

You as a passenger during a car accident

If you sit in a passenger’s seat during a car accident, you committed yourself to someone or something and don’t know how to get out of it. You may have given a promise that you cannot keep, or you may have borrowed money from someone who now thinks that has control over your life.

The general meaning of a car crash in a dream

A car crash in a dream generally means fear of failure. Mostly they are failures related to career, finance, home and everything “earthly” or material.

Dreams of airplanes and flying symbolize the soul, intuition and spiritual matters, while a car driving on the ground means everything material and non-spiritual.