Casinos, websites and slot providers for online gaming

The rise of the Internet is truly fascinating, because in little over two decades it has completely revolutionised how our global society works in various departments. Online gaming on a Finnish Casino, for example, has changed the way people play games massively, with interconnectedness now at the heart of video games that can be played on consoles such as the Xbox or Playstation. 

The same can be said in the casino gaming world, where there has been a massive shift to the new online platform. As a result there are an exponentially rising number of gamblers turning to games such as online slots, with the key reason being that they no longer have to visit physical land-based casinos in order to get their gambling fix. It is undeniably a lot easier to gamble these days due to the online platform, but you still have to know your stuff when it comes to the casinos, websites and slot providers for online gaming. Read on for a lowdown. 


There are countless online casino sites around in 2020, something that comes as a result of the huge amount of revenue that is there to be made from the online gambling industry. As such it is important you know how to pick a good online casino site, because many of them aren’t actually all that. 

Firstly you are going to want to ensure that the online casino site you choose is legitimate, official, and has plenty of good reviews, otherwise you run the risk of being taken advantage of. We would also recommend you find the online casino site offering the best deposit deals, as these can be seriously helpful when it comes to trying to obtain a big jackpot on the online slots.


Additionally to the actual online casino sites there are also a number of web pages that provide blog articles and slot reviews for avid gamblers. These can be especially helpful when you are trying to find a new online slot to play, as they will help you avoid the games that aren’t quite as good as the rest. 

Moreover, these websites regularly give you an insight into the nature of a specific slot’s bonus features, thereby ensuring that you do not fall short of the mark the first time you encounter one. 

Slot providers 

Funnily enough there were only a handful of slot providers when online slots first erupted into society, but now there are absolutely loads of them. Here are a few of our favourites: 

  • NetEnt: This Swedish developer is scarily consistent when it comes to crafting incredibly good online slots. Show us a bad slot by them and we will show you a liar!
  • Microgaming: Aside from their slots, this Maltese provider are also responsible for the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network, something that regularly pays out over a million dollars.
  • Big Time Gaming: As you might expect from their name, this provider has been responsible for some pretty crazy games over the years.