Cibdol – Discover The Purest CBD In The World

Cannabidiol, shortly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid contained in the cannabis plant. Not only is CBD not psychoactive, but it also brings a lot of health benefits and has significant therapeutic potential for a number of health problems. CBD is gaining popularity all over the world, and interest in it is justifiably growing.

CBD oils and e-liquids were among the first most known CBD products on the global market. Today, however, there are a number of products, from various vitamin supplements, crystals, softgels and drops, to creams and cosmetics that are worth paying attention to.

Choosing the right CBD provider

With the massive interest in CBD products, a large number of manufacturers and stores in the global market is growing. Therefore, choosing the right provider can be more complicated than at the beginning, when the CBD came out under the spotlight.

When choosing the right CBD provider, it is crucial to consider several factors. Check whether the purchased product is tested in the laboratory and meets all necessary standards. You do not need to have any specialized knowledge to do this, as this is information that the provider should provide on their website. The detailed description and certification of products are also a fundamental prerequisite for quality for the customer.

Another critical factor in choosing the right CBD provider is sufficient information about what the product contains. The label of the product you want to buy should indicate what percentage of cannabidiol it officially contains, or what other substances you will find in the product (e.g. terpenes or olive oil). The recommended dosage and instructions on how to use the product correctly for best results are also crucial.

If the provider only boasts of the best quality on the market but does not provide any specific product information (whether it is a gluten-free, halal, or vegan product, or whether it contains any allergens or substances you should pay attention to), this is probably not the right choice.



Cibdol is the world’s leading provider of CBD products made of the finest grown hemp in Europe and my personal favorite. Thanks to many years of experience and professional attitude, they are the real market leaders. Their mantra, “Swiss Purity”, is based on the fact that their products are produced and tested in a highly sophisticated laboratory in Basel, Switzerland, and their CBD oils are one of the purest out there.

With nearly 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, wide product range, high quality, and excellent customer service, they are real experts in their field. What other things do I appreciate about Cibdol and why?

Product finder

As soon as you enter the official Cibdol’s website, you may notice a small green tab in the lower-left corner to help you choose the right product. The first step is to select your age group, followed by the selection of the purpose of your use. There are several categories to choose from, such as relax, sleep, skin, or pain relief.

Once you’ve selected your category, you’ll see a range of products that are right for you. Not only will this help you find the CBD product you were looking for, but it will also speed up the search process. It is a great tool especially for new CBD users or people looking for a specific product.

Top-Notch CBD oils

Cibdol offers a wide range of high-quality products. As for CBD oils, their offer includes CBD oils with a concentration in the range of 2.5% (230mg) – 20% (1840mg), as well as CBD hemp seed and black cumin oils. Cibdol CBD oils are THC free (in layman’s terms: “they won’t make you high”) and have proven positive effects on human physical and mental health.

Cibdol CBD oil comes in a bottle with dropper, which will make it easier for you to apply the oil and get the last drop from the bottle. The recommended dose that you should take up to three times a day is 3-4 drops, which are applied with a dropper under the tongue. We then leave the oil under the tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing.

Quality CBD supplements and cosmetics

If you want to discover other CBD products besides oils, Cibdol has a lot to offer! In the category of CBD creams, you will find products to help you with acne, eczema, or psoriasis. The creams help with both treatment and recovery of irritated skin and contain key ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

In addition to the cream for skin problems, you will also find day and night cream, foot cream, anti-aging cream, lip balm, or an eye gel roller. All are supplemented with vitamins that are beneficial for our skin.

Other Cibdol benefits:

  • No waxes, fats, or chlorophyll in their CBD oils
  • Transparency in the production process
  • Free shipping for orders over €25
  • Prompt delivery and excellent customer service

Final words

You may be wondering why I didn’t mention any cons. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. However, I did not find any! Cibdol takes care of its clients and listens to their needs. Their CBD oils are the purest and highest quality, made from prime European hemp and tested in the prestigious Swiss laboratory. Cibdol’s official website is multilingual and their excellent customer service is available to you on phone, email, and live chat.