Dear Evan Hansen Review: Reason for Years of Success!

It’s been more or so 4 years and the Dear Evan Hanson Musical is still a success as ever. It premiered on July 10, 2015, at the Arena Stage, Washington. Since then there have been numerous productions including Broadway, Off-Broadway, West End and US Tour.  

This musical is basically inspired by a real-life incident at Friends’ Central School. So what’s the story and what’s been going on these past years that make this show a big hit?  You’ll find all the answers in this article.

What’s The Story?

Evan Hanson, a nerd, and a social outcast finally get a chance to get what he always wanted: to fit in. Through a letter found in the pocket of Connor Murphy, a lie is born that changes Evan’s life forever. The musical is a delicate and deep analysis of one’s will to get noticed and all that is in life. 

Who’s Playing Who?

The biggest reason for a musical’s success is its cast and Dear Evan Hanson has the best of it.

Most noticeable in musical’s cast are Sam Tutty playing Evan Hanson. Lucy Anderson playing Zoe Murphy and Doug Colling as Connor Murphy. Others include Rebecca McKinnis, taking the role of Heidi Hansen, Lauren Ward playing Cynthia Murphy, and Rupert Young as Larry Murphy. Moreover, Jack Loxton as Jared Kleinman, Nicole Raquel Dennis as Alana Beck and many more.

Who’s Behind It? 

If the cast is the reason for success it is the creative teams that put its foundation. Dear Evan Hanson a stage musical features a book by Steven Levenson. Which is accompanied by Music and Lyrics from Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. It’s same popular as

Dear Evan Hansen the Musical: Success Story 

Due to its fantastic story and wonderful presentation, the musical has always been esteemed. The extent of it can be judged by numerous awards and critical appreciation it received over the years.  

As a Whole Production – To date, Dear Evan Hansen has won six Tony Awards including one for the Best Musical. It also won the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album.

From the Creative Team – Steven Levenson has won a Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical for Dear Evan Hanson. While Pasek & Paul is a numerous award-winning, songwriter and composer team. Their songs “City of Stars”, and “The Greatest Showman” both won the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song.

From the Cast – Ben Platt for the Original Off-Broadway production won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical in 2017. The same year he won Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical and Distinguished Performance Awards for Broadway Production. Another fine cast member Rachel Bay Jones won Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical the same year as Platt. 

The musical has also received critical acclaim mostly for Ben Platt’s leading performance, the outstanding lyrics of Pasek & Paul and a spellbinding book by Levenson. Moreover, the plot inspires and encourages the audience to openly discussing themes like mental illness and youth suicide.

My Final Take on the Musical:

A musical that entrails its audience in its first performance is titled ‘Good’. While one that maintains the impression is considered ‘Excellent’. In that respect, Dear Evan Hansen is both good and excellent. 

Stepping into its 4th year on Broadway with most of its original cast members still intact, the musical keeps growing in its appeal. Young performers are also pushing past the limits of being just cute & comics and presenting a better version of themselves in every screening.

The plot always remains as ingenious, constantly increasing its impact with each viewing. The conflict in its characters unfolds much truth that challenges one’s logic. The careful direction of Michael Greif is also a big reason for its richness to date. The production is a masterpiece however you look at it. 

Where Is It Playing Now?

The West End production of Dear Evan Hansen is open at the Noël Coward Theatre till May 2, 2020. Book your Cheap Dear Evan Hanson Tickets from now and enjoy your favorite music live.