Does Astrological Compatibility Matters in Love and Relationships?

Today, people consider a lot of factors when it comes to love, including astrological compatibility. Does this really matter? Keep on reading to learn more.

Does Astrological Compatibility Matters in Love and Relationships

If you’ve ever wished that you could discover what type of person a potential partner is before going on lots of disastrous dates, you might want to consider astrological compatibility. 

More people are starting to turn to astrology to discover if they’re compatible with the romantic partner in their lives. But does this really matter? How much importance should you put on someone’s sign? 

Let’s take a look at how astrological compatibility can affect your relationships. 

How Does Astrological Compatibility Work? 

First of all, how does this work, anyway? How is compatibility even determined? 

It all has to do with the different energies between the signs. Those energies are determined by your astrological aspect, which is the angle/distance between two different signs on the horoscope. 

You could have an aspect that promotes harmony and creative energy, for example. On the other hand, your aspect could create challenging energy. 

Harmonious energy doesn’t automatically mean a perfect relationship, just like challenging energy doesn’t mean you’re destined for a breakup. But it does help to predict what the hurdles in your relationship could be. 

Can I Be Compatible with Any Sign? 

You can find good energy with any sign, but there are signs with which you’re most compatible

If you check a Cancer horoscope, for example, you’ll see that Cancers are very compatible with water and earth signs. A water sign themselves, Cancers like to take care of their partners — and be taken care of themselves, too. 

They’re so compatible with fellow water signs because they have the same nurturing nature. Earth signs, on the other hand, love to be pampered and taken care of, a need that Cancer is all too happy to fulfill. 

Does that mean that Cancers can’t be compatible with, say, a fire sign like Aries? Not necessarily. But, they would have to work much harder to make the relationship successful. 

How Does This Affect My Relationships?

Above all, your astrological compatibility is going to affect how you interact and learn from one another.

Even in relationships with two compatible signs, there’s still a lot that you can learn. If you date someone of the same sign as you, you’ll discover what it’s like to date yourself. You might see your own flaws and virtues reflected back at you. 

If you date someone one sign apart, on the other hand, you’re dating your total opposite. This could stir up some fantastic, opposites-attract chemistry — or it could inspire some fights for the ages. 

Understanding the energies between your two signs can help you gain more insight into your interactions. 

Understand Your Relationship

Above all, taking the time to learn your astrological compatibility will help you to understand your relationship better. All of the details above will help to determine how your relationship could play out. 

If you want to understand how your personalities will interact with one another — for better or for worse — you should definitely study your compatibility. 

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