Dog Dream Meaning: A Closer Look To Its Symbolism

What are the possible explanation as to why you dreamt of a dog last night? What symbolism does it portray? Know the answers to these questions here.

dog dream meaning

Dreaming about your fur buddies is indeed adorable. After all, human beings are seemingly wired to get attracted to these creatures.

A dog dream meaning can vary from a perspective to another. Fortunately, none of the dreams can pose a threat or scare to you. Dogs are friends to us. Therefore, seeing them in your dreams is bluntly a beautiful thing.

You can discover some of the important interpretations about this dream here.  

Dreams About Dogs: Meanings And Interpretations 

When we dream about dogs, it really feels comforting. Of course, I am just strictly referring to house and pet dogs. I didn’t include wolves, although they are coming to the same lineage. These creatures are different–in temperaments and physical characteristics.

Dreaming about dogs is not a rare occurrence. Many people have seen it a couple of times, and it did never give an ominous feeling. Instead, the following interpretations are actually reflective of the true nature of this dream. 


dog dream meaning

Dogs, in their primal trait, are very protective. Even those breeds are considered as “toy dogs” exhibit this kind of characteristic. When you see a dog in your dream, it could be a subconscious representation of your innate protectiveness. You don’t want the people who are close to you to get hurt or be in distress.

It is a good trait to display on times where something big is at stake. People are drawn to you because they can feel safe under your care. It also shows your reliability is a person. You always meet your commitments, regardless of how difficult they can get.

This interpretation is somehow reminiscent of dreams that involve teeth. Protectiveness and aggression are quite similar, especially if put into proper context. Dogs will not get afraid to pound anyone that they deem a threat. Of course, this could be you that we are talking about.  


Another given trait of dogs is their superb loyalty. Once you showed them compassion, they will treat you as their compassions. It is quite a beautiful thing because a dog’s loyalty knows no betrayal. Unlike humans, dogs will never leave your side even if your predicament is not favorable.

Dreaming about the dog could mean that you are a person worth trusting. You can provide a certain degree of loyalty that others cannot revoke easily. You don’t succumb to temptations that could potentially ruin relationships or careers. Furthermore, it also indicates that you are a trusting person, too. You immediately give trust to other people once they offer compassion or companionship.

But at the same time, such a dream should also require you to assess your current relationships. Try to see if there’s someone in your life that is actually just using you for their personal gains. Inspect the people around you and see if there are hints of distrust that must be addressed.

Dreams of dogs can also suggest confusion and inner conflict, especially if the dog that you have seen in your dream is barking. You must contemplate and meditate to know what’s going on inside your head.