Dream About Drinking Water – Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Did you have a dream about drinking water recently? Dreams of water have different meanings, depending on how the water looks (murky or clear), what you do with it (bathing or drinking), or where it is (swimming pool or ocean).

Dream About Drinking Water

Remember as much detail as possible if you want to know exactly what your dream means.

Water is life, and life (the human body) is water. Therefore, dreams of drinking water are generally related to health. Primarily, drinking water is a symbol of cleansing and regeneration. It can also signify your need for refreshment or revitalization. Drinking water in your dreams may mean you must better care for yourself and invest in your health and well-being.

Drinking dirty water

It can indicate severe illness if you have dreamed of drinking dirty water. Your health is visibly deteriorating. The dream wants to warn you that you are putting something unhealthy in your body. It could also mean that you are lying to yourself or don’t want to admit something. 

Drinking warm water

This dream is a sign of minor health or family problems. They may also be occasional emotional or mood fluctuations that affect your relationship with people around you.

Drinking cold water

Drinking cold water in a dream means that you have good physical health. Your lifestyle is healthy and beneficial to your physical and mental health. Keep up the excellent work! If you have changed your diet or started eating healthier, you are doing everything right and moving in the right direction.

Drinking water but still thirsty

This can be a sign that you are missing something in your life. It can be used as a reminder to check in with yourself and ensure you stay connected with what is most important to you. The feeling of thirst can also be associated with emotionless, alone and unappreciated. If this is also happening in your real life (you are constantly thirsty), see your doctor immediately! Constant thirst is a symptom of diabetes, so do not underestimate anything.

Spilling a glass of water

You’re lying to yourself and don’t want to accept the truth someone recently told you. This dream can also indicate that your lifestyle and healthy habits are going downhill.

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