Dreams About Being Chased: What Does It Tell To You?

A dream about being chased does not really give us a comforting thought. It can make us sweat profusely, even after we have woken out.

Of course, the idea of being chased by someone or something is not that great. Unless it is not your crush or lover that is chasing you, this kind of predicament is quite scary and daunting.  

Interestingly, this particular dream is not that strange at all. There are a significant number of individuals who experienced this dream already. While we can disclose it as a product of the playful mind, there is a strong possibility that it has more profound implications.  

Do you want to know the possible interpretations of this dream? Then read on! 

Dreams About Being Chased: Meanings and Interpretations 

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Dreams are among the most enigmatic phenomena in our lives. Only a little is understood about it. The science already amidst that.   

But since these dreams are always displaying intriguing scenes or visions, we can’t help but delve in them. We want to see if they can play out in our lives.

However, dreams like falling or being chased, are more perplexing than any other types of dreams that a person can get. After all, it involves a sense of urgency and fear. These visions are subjecting your thoughts in a position where you are in the vicinity of danger.  

But is that the direct interpretation of this dream? 

Avoiding a Person 

When this dream appears in your life, it simply means that you are being told by your unconscious mind or spiritual guides to avoid a certain person. Maybe that person is trying to get a hold of you through certain aspects of your life. Maybe there are people who are trying to control you.  

If you realize that this is the case, then you have to do your best to avoid them at all cost. One way or another, they will not bring benefit to your life. They will cause problems and other difficulties that are too difficult to escape. Run from them because having them in will just cause harmful consequences. You don’t want to be involved with them.  

Fear of Rejection 

Being chased by something in your dream is a sign that you have certain parts of yourself that you are quite scared. There’s a chance that you are hiding some insecurities. You might be running away from something because you don’t want it anymore in your life. For instance, unpleasant memories and experiences are among the things that you simply want to ditch.  

The dream also suggests that you feat these “unwanted parts” because they can cause rejection. You want to hide them away in the closet so that people will just accept your current self. There’s nothing wrong in doing this. However, hiding forever is not a solution. Instead, you need to face them head-on so that you can make peace to yourself.

These are potential interpretations of a dream that involves a person being chased. Try to mull things over if you have this kind of dream. You might discover that you belong to the predicaments that have been mentioned here.