Dreams About An Ex: What Do They Mean?

Does your ex return too often in your dreams, although the last time you saw them was a few years ago? This is completely normal. You had an emotional bond, spent a lot of time with each other, and therefore you have a lot of memories together. And all this, regardless of how your relationship ended. dreams about an ex

However, as you may know, there is an explanation behind each dream, and it is no different in this case. What does it mean to dream about your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend?

dreams about ex

A dream about an ex and its meaning

The dream of an ex is associated with very strong emotions. However, what does it mean to see a former boyfriend or girlfriend in a dream? The first and quite obvious meaning is longing. Especially if the initiator of the separation was not you but your ex. It is completely natural that you miss them; you often think about them and about the moments you spent together.

If your ex appears too often in your dreams, it means that you still have unresolved feelings for them and you will not forget about them as soon as you would like. But what if, despite the feelings you had for your ex-partner, your relationship was not imitative, there were betrayals and numerous understatements?

Another possible reason why you have the dream with your ex is nothing but a warning against making wrong decisions and summarizing your feelings about the new relationship — you are full of fear of another toxic relationship.

And what if you are currently in a relationship with someone, you are fine, but your ex keeps appearing in your dreams? This can be a sign not to make the same mistake that you made in a previous relationship. Your unconscious is apparently speaking to you and wants you to make a change, otherwise, your current relationship may end up like the previous one.

Last but not least, the recurring dream of your ex simply indicates that you want to get back together. Let’s take a look at a few common dreams about your ex.

An ex that wants to get back together

Have you ever dreamed that your ex-partner wants to come back to you or that they asked for another chance? That means you could have made some not-so-good decisions. That is not necessarily in line with your beliefs or influenced by other people. And it is not only about parting with an old love. Such a dream is quite a concrete answer: you should accept what happened, because it probably had a reason, and not ponder it indefinitely.

An ex from your childhood/the first love

Such a dream is a clear sign that you long for freedom. If you are in a relationship now, you probably feel bound, as if you were stuck in one place, and/or you may feel that your current relationship is holding you back, slowing you down, or limiting you in something.

This dream, however, can of course also indicate a relationship with the person you dreamed of. And at the same time, it also can be a stimulus to refresh childhood relationships; to get in touch with those you haven’t seen since your childhood. Who knows, maybe it will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life!

An ex with a new partner

This is probably one of the least pleasant dreams, if your ex appears in the company of another partner, especially if it was them who wanted to break up. What could this dream mean?

There are two interpretations: one that we have come to terms with the fact that our old love has a completely new one and we have no problem with it. We may have heard about that from someone or seen it on a social network the previous day before we dreamed about it.

The second is associated with jealousy, which can be strongly influenced by our current situation. If you often think about our ex or you’re addicted to them and can’t stop thinking about them, this dream is very common.

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An ex with his/her child

It doesn’t matter if you and your ex-boyfriend planned to start a family or not. What is certain, however, is that if you dream about your ex in the company of a child, there is a good chance that you feel a great need for intimacy. You may not even realize it, but many things related to your future and how you see it may have changed.

It is worth considering what you really want, whether you make all decisions in harmony with yourself. The dream of an ex with a child more often appears to women, who want to become a mother and wonder how their current partner will perform in the role of a father. However, this dream can also be interpreted as an expression of subconscious longing to start a family (for both men and women), planning the future and thinking about the responsibilities associated with it.

What does it mean to dream about your ex crying?

An ex crying in a dream

If your ex cries in a dream, it does not mean that he/she is unhappy and calls for help but rather it indicates that you will regret the mistakes you have made in the past. These mistakes are not only about your past relationship but about the past as a whole.

An ex dying in a dream

The dream of a dying ex-partner is an indicator that you have finally let the past go and you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life and open your heart to a new relationship. Dreams are only symbolic and do not directly mean the actual death of a particular person, but the end of something.

The end is also the beginning of something new, so it is believed that if you have a dream of a dying ex, it means that you will soon be in a new relationship or you will finally feel free.

How to interpret your dream

Whether you were in a passionate and extremely romantic relationship, or rather an abusive relationship full of arguments, fights, or competing, there’s no doubt that the moment of separation had a big impact on you. When it comes to interpreting your dream, it is important to consider who wanted to separate; was it you or your ex-partner? Did you break up in a quiet atmosphere, or did you exchange arguments?

Look in the depths of your mind and analyze your current situation. If you want to go get back with your ex and think about them every day, you are having dreams about them for that reason. However, if you have not thought about your ex lately at all, the reason is probably different.

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