Easiest Remote PC Control With Portable TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an essential program on our devices. It allows access to an external device, a way of looking at the computer when we are not nearby. It is Narnia’s closet of programming and generates a virtual door between several devices. Mobile included.

This means that you can access your home computer from the office, or from the office from your mobile. Or that a friend can lend a hand when you don’t know how to use an application. You will only have to install the program on both devices and link them.

Surely some of these everyday problems sound like something to you:

We are in the office and we have a computer problem. The technician is not at our headquarters and we are lost. Someone older relative asks us for help with his computer, but lives far away. We are going on vacation and we need to have access to all our data.

What if you are on vacations and you urgently need access to all your personal computer data? No problem, the TeamViewer portable exists and fits in a USB stick. Following the metaphor, we have put Narnia’s closet in our pockets. We will be one click away from any of our devices.

TeamViewer serves to solve situations like this. On its website we find, in the download area, applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. For the first example, we have taken a PC with Windows 10.

The aforementioned is exceptionally useful for creating a computer network. For example, a family network or in the office. However, TeamViewer gives us more alternatives, such as picking up any computer in the world and turning it into our PC.

TeamViewer QuickSupport: streaming from any screen

With Teamviewer installed on a PC we could easily control it from an Android phone, however, we can also control a computer that does not have TeamViewer installed with the TeamViewer QS executable for PC. We will only have to download it in a flash drive.

If we are on vacation we need assistance with a computer that is not ours, we just have to measure the “skewer” and double click. Without installation. Every time you organize the program, we get a different ID and password, we can send to our technician. However, with this program we cannot control another device remotely.

In the PC installation we will choose “Configure non-face access”. We will not have to look for the option, it will appear as soon as you install the program. Without this option activated, we would need a person to accept the connection, but many times the goal of TeamViewer is to access a remote PC without anyone connected.

In the metaphor of the door, it has two locks, one for each device. With non-face access activated, we remove the lock of the device to be controlled. Of course, adding a reliable password.

In order to use TeamViewer we are asked to create an account. Email and password, nothing out of the ordinary. For each device with the in-person configuration activated, we will have to create an added password. We don’t want someone to sneak in, right?

In the Chromebook we have installed the Chrome OS extension found in the Chrome Web Store. It is the official application, although there are others that are not. Beware of them. TeamViewer is especially useful in Chrome OS because it is a cloud-oriented operating system. It has few applications, but what if we could use a Windows computer with Autocad from our Chromebook? Well it is possible.

You can use any computer as if it was ours

Can you imagine going to a library, entering a public computer and connecting with it to your home PC? It is possible with TeamViewer without installation, the portable version of the brand. To explain how it works, now what we will do is exchange information between an Android and a PC.

We will only have to download the PC program that we have mentioned above and save it on a flash drive. Instead of installing on a computer that is not ours, this time we click on “Just start” when we run it.