Environments That Can Trigger Your Substance Addiction

Studies suggest that the type of environment that you’re exposed to can have a huge impact on both kinds of person and you turn out to be. When it comes to substance addiction, many things can trigger your relapses. In some cases, these environments even cause you to start doing drugs. Before you go ahead and search for any detox Denver has to offer you, you should learn more about the environments that you should avoid. Keep reading to find out more.

Childhood stresses affect your addictive personality 

According to research, your childhood traumas are one of the leading factors that can affect your addictive behavior. The thing is, when there’s a build-up of these factors over a prolonged period, they can affect your neurological development. Your brain struggles to find healthy ways to cope with any disruptive problems in your life. This is why you find it easy to turn to addictive substances to help you cope. As you grow older, you realize that the environment that you grew up in can’t be changed. However, you should know how to change the way that you process problems and deal with them. The more that you use addictive substances to run away from dealing with your problems, the worse things become for you because you end up relying on them to survive. 

Family Dynamics Can Cause Stress 

Childhood traumas aren’t the only thing that you worry about. For example, as you grow older, you realize that you can’t run away from the stressful family dynamics in your home. In most cases, family problems are the root cause of you turning to substances to find a way to cope. Instead of finding ways to handle the issues that you face, it becomes easier for you to avoid them by using drugs whenever you feel the pressure. The fact is that these dynamics can also follow you to your recovery. The way that your loved ones handle your addiction can also impact whether you have a successful journey or not. 

Social Environments

The thing about being human is that you’re a social being by nature. However, this can also be your greatest flaw. Unfortunately, your social environment can facilitate how you’re introduced to drugs. If you’re used to hanging around people who use drugs, it’s common for you to want to try them out as well. If you can, it’s important to avoid these types of environments to protect yourself. Particularly, if you’re already in recovery and trying hard to not fall off the wagon. 

Work Environments 

You’d be surprised to find that your work environment can affect how you deal with your recovery. The thing is that you spend a lot of your time at work. But if this environment isn’t the healthiest and your manager treats you badly, it can cause you to have negative emotions. Since you feel like you can’t quit your job because of your monthly expenses, you find unhealthy ways to cope with these pressures.

Digital Environments 

Nowadays, you find that you spend a lot of time on the internet. While advances in technology and communication are praised, the other side of the spectrum isn’t talked about often. The internet can be a dangerous place. Especially, if you’re trying your best to work on improving your mental health. There are many triggers that you can be exposed to while you’re browsing the internet. There are also environments that can distract you from your journey. 

In summary, it’s important to know the environments that are conducive to your health.