Everything You Need to Know About Spiritual Candle Colors

It has been a tradition to burn candles for spiritual practices, and we still do that up until today. Our ancestors taught us that burning a candle simulates a connection between this world with the spiritual world. That’s why burning a candle is a powerful tool when used right.

spiritual candle colors

But there are different meanings when burning a candle.There are two factors that affect its meaning and these are:

  1. Candle color
  2. The way a candle burns

Without knowing what signs the candle is trying to portray, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of the spiritual practice. It’s important to know these different meanings if you want to practice burning spiritual candles from time to time.

Let’s tackle the first factors that affect a burning candle’s meaning in this article!

What Candle Colors Mean

Each candle color has a specific purpose and meaning. Depending on what you want to achieve, you should purchase a specific candle color that meets your needs. Below are what each candle color means:

  • White — White represents the highest level of consciousness. People who burn a white candle invoke lunar energy and seek protection, healing, and purification.
  • Red — Red represents temporary pleasures. People who burn a red candle tap into Scorpio energy and seek love, respect, survival, and power.
  • Yellow — Yellow represents intellect. People who burn a yellow candle seek wisdom and control over their mental powers.
  • Blue — Blue represents a wide array of emotions (depending on its shade). People who burn a blue candle seek harmony, truth, creativity, and guidance.
  • Green — Green represents success. People who burn a green candle to meditate and reflect on growth, healing, and good luck when it comes to finding a job or business venture success.
  • Black — Black represents protection from evil. People who burn a black candle seek to neutralize negative energies and harness the healing power of the universe.
  • Pink — Pink represents love. People who burn a pink candle seek to attract attention or achieve a joyful result.
  • Orange — Orange represents sudden change. People who burn an orange candle seek a profound, instant change in whatever situation he or she is in.
  • Purple — Purple represents the third eye. People who burn a purple candle seek to expand what they already have, obtain spiritual protection, seek reconciliation, or find recognition.
  • Brown — Brown represents the Earth. People who burn a brown candle seek to regain balance, refuge from chaos, find lost items, and grow a long-lasting friendship.
  • Gray — Gray is a neutral color. People who burn a gray candle cleans a person of negative influences just like charcoal does to the physical body.
  • Gold — Gold represents good fortune. People who burn a gold candle seeks to attract a powerful influence, focus on their goals, and gain personal power or money.

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