Feng Shui: Bedroom Colours

ying yang room

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes and is primarily a place where people resort to rest. The day is Yang (fast, movement) and night is Yin (rest, sleep), so we try to bring our body during sleep maximum of Yin for quality rest and regeneration of the body. In other words – Yin is synonymous of the word night.


The bedroom should be airy and clean, and free of excess furniture.

feng shui bedroom


feng shui bedroom colors

Saturated colors are generally too steep for the bedroom – Yang (fast, loud), the bedroom should be rather Yin (silent, soft). Choose such colors that will not interfere with the course of your rest, relaxation and sleep: gray, various shades of beige, matt blue, green, fine pink. A lot of men say: “The pink color is not for me,” but after all this being reflected on the quality of sleep.

feng shui bedroom colors

The very concept of color comes from the Chinese philosophy of yin-yang, which is based on different, but complementary forces – Yin refers to a dark place and connection with calmness and relaxation, Yang focuses on light and energy. Yin represents night, Yang reúresents day.

feng shui bedroom colors

Light, bright and vibrant colors support our energy, vibrations, concentration, creativity and productivity.

Dark colors focus our minds on the abundance, health and meaning in life.

feng shui bedroom colors