Five Best Cars for Independent Women: How to Choose?

Today, women can buy and drive cars without problems. They choose a car according to almost the same criteria as men — prestige, comfort, capacity, price-quality ratio, etc. If we are talking about modern independent women, then it’s time to say goodbye to stereotypes. Here are five different cars that can be a great choice for a woman, who makes important decisions in her life independently.

In case it will be difficult for you to choose among the following models or your favorites, FAXVIN CarRank will help you to compare them and select the best option reasonably.

1) Mazda CX-5

This is one of the best crossovers in the market with an excellent value-to-quality ratio. Nice design, spacious interior, comfortable suspension and economical engine — all these advantages deserve your attention. But the main advantage of CX-5 is excellent handling. The car goes very smoothly, so it could be compared with premium cars like BMW or Jaguar.

2) Suzuki Vitara

This is a car for a shy woman that does not like to attract too much attention. Vitara is very practical. It is convenient in the city, maneuverable and a decent clearance allows you to park on the edge. A small crossover “holds the road” surprisingly well, and all-wheel drive with a lower gear will make you feel confident even in winter.

3) Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

This is a perfect option for a family with 2-3 children and pets. It’s spacious inside, the front seats are equipped with separate armrests, the three seats of the second row are separately adjustable horizontally and vertically. The kid seat can be moved closer to the front seats so that it is easy to reach. Economical diesel engine and stylish design are consistent with modern ideas about family values.

4) Peugeot 508

This is an excellent car for a truly stylish woman. It is a beautiful and comfortable car, which in life looks even better than in the pictures. It moves surprisingly smoothly and comfortably. A diesel engine, nice design and easy handling make it a perfect option for a wallet.

5) Volvo XC60

This is a completely luxurious premium crossover with a huge selection of engines and equipment. With a complete “stuffing”, it steers perfectly, remains comfortable even on broken roads and is very economical even with top motors. It says a lot about his owner: “he/she does not need to prove anything to anyone”.

Do not forget that regardless of whether you plan to purchase a used car or a new one, you must definitely check the car before buying. To do this, you can contact the companies providing VIN-reports and make sure that the car has a clean reputation and salvage title. If you have any doubts, give yourself several days for considering. Enjoy your choice!