Five Crazy Ideas on How to Become a Millionaire

Of course, money is not the main thing in life, but many people are dreaming of coming up with a business idea that will bring millions. No matter how much we dream about it, becoming a millionaire is extremely difficult, especially for young people. However, some people succeeded. Whether it’s blogging or Bitcoin trading, all of our heroes have achieved success at a young age.

1) Playing progressive slots

In October 2015, a young 26-year-old John Heywood from Britain won the biggest online jackpot of 17,8 million EUR. This guy placed several bets of 30 GBP in total and after seven minutes of the game hit the biggest prize in the history of online slots. He didn’t believe his eyes, but after contacting the Microgaming company he realized that this was not a joke! If you believe that you can achieve the same success, try any of the platform recommendations.

2) Millions in Bitcoin

30 y.o. Erica Standford from Britain was not always able to use her money wisely. In 2009, she first heard about bitcoin – a digital currency that anyone with the Internet and a smartphone can send to anyone in the world. She invested 200 pounds in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A few months later, she earned 30 thousand pounds, so she paid off her debts. Then, after leaving her job, she earned her first million.

3) Pet Rock store founder

Almost half a century ago, an American guy after listening to colleagues complaining about their pets, came up with the ideal “pet” – a stone. He opened a Pet Rocks store where he sold smooth rocks from the Mexican beach of Rosarito in cardboard boxes. He also provided instructions for maintenance and teaching, in which owners were told how to care for a “pet”. The ridiculous idea turned out to be incredibly successful. In six months, Dahl sold 1,5 million Pet Rock for $4 each and made a huge profit.

4) Irish Dirt

It is known that migrants miss their homeland. The founders of the startup Irish Dirt have managed to monetize this feeling. They started to sell Irish land, packed in neat cans. A pot with soil weighing less than 400 grams was sold for almost $25. There were many buyers for the “piece of the homeland”. In a couple of years, the startup has sold more than 200 tons of land for over a million dollars.

5) Subscription on socks

Everyone needs new socks regularly, but there is often no time to go to the store. The founders of the American startup Sock Club started selling people a subscription to this piece of clothing. A person pays a certain amount and then receives 1-2 pairs of new socks by mail  every month. It sounds simple, but the owners assure that the business generates $1 million in revenue per month.

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