Full Moon October 2017

The full moon is very powerful and suitable for magic spells, positive affirmations, or visualization. The full moon for October 2017 is in the fiery sign of the Aries, and so the effect of your spells will be extremely effective and the results will come quickly.

Work with the Aries Full Moon when you want to bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to what you are planning, or when you want rapid success in a new venture. Be careful to word your spells meticulously, with attention to the goal and motivation, as Aries can be a bit selfish, and it’s easy to get so carried away by its power that you forget to consider the rights of others.


Arian energy is extremely competitive. Athletic or other sporting skills can be helped along with magic that is done on this moon, though the results will assist you with the necessary hard work that goes into training rather than confer instant victory. full moon october 2017

Recommended color to use for candles is red or dark orange, and suggested incense is cinnamon.

Magic Spell For Money

It is no secret that magic during the full moon has a much stronger effect, and when it comes to the sign of a youthful and energetic Aries (Mars is the ruling planet), the results can come faster than normal.

full moon october 2017

Go out to the moonlight with your wallet. Open it and pull the largest banknote you have in it. Hold your wallet on the moonlight and imagine the wallet is filled with money (that money flows from a moon into your wallet). Now say affirmations listed below for 3 to 5 minutes.

  • I feel wealth flowing toward me now
  • Money flows into my life
  • Money is coming to me
  • I receive lots of money from the universe
  • I am a money magnet
  • I have a money mindset